Park Ridge School Board Contemplates Costly Locker Room Renovation

The Park Ridge Board of Education, in a recent meeting debated the renovation of the locker room at Park Ridge High School.

The project received several bids with the lowest coming from Benard Associates at $5,748,000. The proposed project has drawn increased scrutiny due to the bid exceeding the initial architect’s estimate of $4.5 million, leading to concerns about budgetary constraints. To address these concerns, the board tabled the decision, requesting further information about potential cost reductions and plans for handling unknown project contingencies.

The Board’s Business Administrator, Mr. Wright, explained that costs exceeding the initial estimate resulted from the inclusion of remediation work as part of the contractor’s responsibilities. He assured the board that all known problems have been addressed in the bid, and therefore, covered by the contractor. However, concerns persisted about whether the reserved $200,000 for project contingencies and the projected $1.1 million in Capital Reserve would suffice for other work in the district. As a result, further discussions with the Architect were arranged.

The Board also approved the employment contract for the Business Administrator/Board Secretary for the fiscal year of 2023-2024. Additionally, Desiree Misciagna was approved to review English Language Learner (ELL) criteria and place ESL students for the 2023/24 school year. Renewal of paraprofessionals and a Job coach, and appointments for summer student employment, were also approved.

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