Piscataway School Board Discusses AP Class Pressure and Elimination of Valedictorian Title

The recent Piscataway School Board meeting addressed several community and school district concerns, including the psychological impact of AP classes on students, the absence of class valedictorians, and energy conservation achievements within the district. The discussion on the elimination of valedictorian and salutatorian titles due to potential negative effects on student well-being sparked differing viewpoints among board members and the public.

The board delved into a discussion that highlighted the intense pressure students face when taking advanced placement (AP) classes. Concerns were raised about the tendency of students to overload their schedules with AP courses, aiming to increase their GPA and accrue college credits, potentially at the expense of their mental health. The board acknowledged the need to balance healthy competition with student well-being and considered the implications of disclosing class rank to colleges, particularly in relation to merit scholarships. A pediatric nurse practitioner on the board suggested that further research be conducted to evaluate the effects of competition on students’ mental health.

The topic of class valedictorian was another focal point of the meeting, sparked by a public comment from parent Jela Pirani, who questioned the decision’s impact on student motivation and the accessibility of lockers. Superintendent Frank Ranelli explained that the district had removed the valedictorian and salutatorian designations over ten years ago to mitigate unhealthy competition and its potential negative impact on student well-being. Board member Nancy Corradino supported the decision. Despite some differing perspectives, the board and superintendent agreed on the importance of recognizing student achievements holistically.

The meeting also celebrated the district’s commitment to energy conservation, with a presentation by Scott Miram from Synergistic. Miram announced that all 10 of the district’s buildings had achieved Energy Star certification for superior energy performance, distinguishing Piscataway Township Schools for having the most Energy Star K12 certified buildings in New Jersey. This accomplishment underscores the district’s active energy management and sustainable practices.

In addition, the meeting featured a tribute to a second-grader whose recent tragic loss was felt throughout the community. The superintendent urged attendees to keep the student’s family in their thoughts and prayers. The superintendent also highlighted staff members for their exceptional contributions in his report and promoted the upcoming District strategic planning meeting.

The board recognized the efforts of students and staff during the session. Grand View Elementary School students presented a video and individual thank-you letters to the board members, celebrating Board of Education appreciation month. High school senior Rahim provided updates on high school initiatives, including the celebration of Muslim heritage month and the challenges posed by severe weather conditions. A junior named Tundi from BC High School updated on high school events, while the board also acknowledged the innovative teaching methods of a third-grade teacher at Grand View Elementary using a hydroponic tower.

Personnel and labor relations matters were also addressed, with a motion presented by Nancy Salgado receiving approval after a roll call vote. Board members, including Superintendent Ranelli, expressed their gratitude for the ongoing support and collaboration within the board over the years.

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Frank Ranelli
School Board Officials:
Shantell Cherry, Dr. Tom Connors, Nancy Corradino, Courtney King, Sarah Rashid, Loretta Rivers, Nancy Salgado-Cowan, Brenda Smith, Inieka Stafford, David B. Rubin (Board Attorney)

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