Port Richey Debates Residential Lot Usage for Boat Storage

The Port Richey Planning and Zoning Board recently tackled issues surrounding the storage of boats, watercrafts, trailers, and other recreational equipment on residential lots, which has sparked in-depth discussions and concerns among board members and residents. The meeting’s focus ranged from the regulation of boat and RV parking on vacant lots to the potential approval of boat shelters and canopies within city limits. These deliberations brought forth the need for clear and precise language in new regulations to prevent misuse and ensure the rights of property owners are not infringed upon.

Central to the meeting was the case of resident Ray Leer, who brought to light the challenges faced by boat owners due to the current regulations that prohibit the storage of boats on vacant residential lots. Leer, who had been cited for keeping his boat and trailer on a vacant lot he maintains but does not own, underscored the necessity for clearer rules, especially given the shallow canals that prevent him from docking his boat at home. This particular situation highlighted the broader issue of whether property owners should be allowed to use adjacent lots for the storage of their boats and if such provisions should extend to non-waterfront areas.

Board members deliberated on the proposed language that aims to regulate such practices, with a focus on limiting the number of boats allowed and ensuring the language encompasses provisions to avoid the misuse of lots for long-term storage or habitation. This included a discussion on the importance of allowing boat owners to pull out boats during floods. The debate extended to the potential misuse of regulation in non-waterfront areas, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach that would serve both waterfront and non-waterfront lot owners without overstepping rights or creating unsightly storage spaces.

Another topic was whether property owners should be allowed to combine lots at the county level to circumvent current parking restrictions. Members discussed the implications of allowing the combination of lots, which could enable owners to park freely behind the front corner of their houses. The conversation turned to the possibility of leasing vacant lots for parking, which raised questions about liability, insurance, and the impact on property rights and the city’s tax base. The board agreed that further clarification and information were needed before any decisions could be made.

Further complicating the issue was the question of property ownership versus leasing rights, especially in situations where property owners rent out their homes but wish to retain the ability to store their boats on a contiguous lot. The board weighed the rights of owners against those of tenants, acknowledging the potential for legal disputes and emphasizing the necessity for contiguous lots to be under single ownership.

The board also embarked on a discussion about boat slips and shelters. In reviewing codes from other cities and considering visual aids, the board tackled the dilemma of whether to allow such structures in the city. Members debated the potential visual impact on neighbors and the precedence of waterfront property owners’ rights, recognizing the need to address the issue comprehensively to avoid conflicts and legal issues.

Finally, the topic of boat canopies and covers was broached, with concerns raised about potential obstructions to views and the need for regulations that would ensure these structures are removable and compliant with Florida building codes. While there was caution against dictating specific colors for the canopies, the board recognized the importance of privacy and clarity in definitions. The decision was made to draft specific provisions addressing the concerns surrounding boat canopies and covers.

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John Eric Hoover
Planning Board, Zoning Board Officials:
Shawn Poole, Randy Stout, Laurie Simpson, Lisa Burke, Joe Malin, Denise McKenzie

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