Ramsey Borough Council Approves Plans for New Emergency Complex and Independent Living Facility

In a recent telephonic meeting conducted by the Ramsey Borough Council, significant municipal matters were discussed and decided upon. The most newsworthy developments included the agreement on replacing the existing 70-year-old emergency services building, the transfer of property to Ramsey Housing Inc for the development of an independent living facility for individuals with developmental disabilities, and the authorization for the installation of electric vehicle fast chargers.

The meeting began with a detailed report on the pressing need for a new shared station house for emergency services. Highlighted by the Borough Administrator, and based on a detailed assessment by an engineering firm, the existing structure was found to be plagued with over 50 areas of concern. The unanimous agreement by the council members and experts led to plans for the construction of a new emergency complex, with designs to be finalized soon.

In a move aimed at community welfare, the council also decided on transferring property at 13 North Central Avenue to Ramsey Housing Inc. The non-profit entity plans to construct a facility to cater to individuals with developmental disabilities, with the ordinance set for public hearing on September 13, 2023. Moreover, a contribution of $750,000 from the borough’s affordable housing trust fund has been requested for the construction of this facility.

Promoting environmental sustainability, Resolution 168 was passed, authorizing the borough to partner with kmb Design Group LLC for the installation of electric vehicle fast chargers across from Borough Hall.

Other highlights included the restructuring of the borough’s finance department, the introduction of parking stalls for visitors at police headquarters, the modification of the Ramsey police table of organizations, and the establishment of summer hours for Borough Hall to enhance public accessibility.

Councilwoman Jane Woods announced the grand opening of the Ramsey Senior Center and Community Center, emphasizing planned activities to reduce loneliness among seniors. Other council members, including Sara Poppe and Glen Popolo, extended congratulations and shared information on upcoming community events.

Mayor Deirdre A. Dillon expressed gratitude towards various departments and excitement over the municipal pool being featured on CBS 2 news. She also emphasized the importance of street repaving and community events like Ramsey day.

In a meeting marked by collaborative decision-making and a focus on community welfare, the Ramsey Borough Council took significant strides in addressing both immediate needs and long-term goals. The next meeting is on September 13, 2023.

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