Ramsey Borough Swears In Its First-Ever Service Dog And Celebrates Police Service

At a recent borough council meeting, police officers, including the first-ever service dog K-9 Jack, were sworn in, and others were recognized with Honorable Service Awards for their impactful roles in the community. The council also discussed developments in community projects, including a housing initiative for developmentally disabled adults, and addressed alterations to parking arrangements outside the police station to facilitate better accessibility for the public.

The meeting marked the swearing-in and promotion of several police officers, including K-9 Jack, the borough’s first-ever service dog. Officer Hammersmuth, chosen to be Jack’s handler, received praise for his dedication to both his job and his new partner. K-9 Jack had already begun to make a positive impression on the community, showing excellent behavior during a recent public event, which gathered applause from the attendees.

Several officers were lauded for their life-saving actions in different emergency situations that occurred over the past few years. Officers were acknowledged for responding efficiently to incidents including falls and unresponsive individuals, with their timely interventions being credited with saving lives.

Honorable Service Awards were given to several officers for their commendable actions during critical incidents and investigations that positively impacted the community.

Detective Sabatelli was recognized for his work in apprehending a serial burglar, an effort that included surveillance and collecting evidence that held up in grand jury proceedings. Sergeant Thorman was commended for his decisive leadership during a perceived threat at a high school, utilizing his SWAT experience to coordinate responses and ensure the safety of students. Detective Garcia was awarded for his meticulous investigation into a domestic violence case involving a stabbing incident, which led to the suspect being charged with attempted murder and other serious offenses. Officer Finn was praised for proactive policing in the Interstate Shopping Center, a detail that was not fully elaborated on in the transcript portion provided.

The award recipients acknowledged the team effort involved in their work, emphasizing the collaborative nature of policing.

In an update on a project steering towards community development, Chris Bonnet detailed the progress of the initiative at 13 North Central, led by Ramsey Housing Inc. With the transfer of the said property from the borough to Ramsey Housing Inc now approved, the project, buoyed by a $700,000 grant from Bergen County, promises to foster independent living environments for developmentally disabled adults. With zoning board approvals secured, the construction, slated to commence this fall, heralds an 8-12 month journey to bring the vision to fruition. The council’s optimistic stance on the endeavor echoed the broader community anticipation for the initiative’s positive impact.

A resolution spotlighting alterations to parking arrangements outside the police station outlined an approach prioritizing accessibility for the public while designating areas exclusively for official police tasks. This adjustment saw unanimous agreement from the council, who acknowledged its critical role in smoothing daily operations.

Council members revisited recent community events with a special mention of the September 11th commemoration ceremony, heralded as a poignant tribute to the lives lost. Details of the upcoming grand opening of the Ramsey Senior and Community Center, slated for September 17, shared the spotlight. The council also expressed gratitude towards the contributors to the successful Ramsey Day event, emphasizing collaborative efforts in weathering unexpected storms.

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