Ramsey Council Spotlights Resident’s World Record Knuckle Push-Ups Attempt

The Ramsey Borough Council highlighted several community-driven initiatives and notable events in a recent meeting, including library renovations, a world record knuckle push-up attempt, a new emergency services complex, and initiatives against substance abuse.

Councilman Peter Kilman shared that local resident and veteran Alex Neely is planning to attempt to break the world record for knuckle push-ups on Veterans Day, November 11th, 2023. The endeavor is set to take place at the Ramsey VFW post at Finch Park.

Knuckle push-ups are a variation of the push-up exercise, where instead of placing the palms flat on the ground, one forms fists and rest on one knuckles. This variation places more stress on the wrists and forearms.

The current record stands at 9,241 knuckle push-ups, which are standard knuckle push-ups. However, Alex Neely aims to distinguish his effort by performing military standard knuckle push-ups instead of the regular standard ones, thereby adding an extra layer of difficulty and discipline to the challenge.

Councilman Kilman encouraged the community to join in supporting Alex Neely on his journey. He stressed the significance of this event, highlighting Mr. Neely’s connection to the community as a Ramsey resident, a United States Army veteran, a VFW member, and a friend and neighbor of Councilwoman Judy Cusick.

The Ramsey Library is slated for an HVAC renovation project that will commence mid-November and conclude in February 2024. After enduring years of system failures and flooding, this upgrade is a much-anticipated remedy. Despite the inevitable disruptions, Councilman Michael Gutwetter conveyed the library staff’s commitment to continuing as many events as possible, alongside introducing new services such as a poster printer service, a laptop lending program, VHS conversion service, and upgraded internet hotspots.

In an infrastructural development, Councilman Kilman also updated the progress of the new emergency services complex on South Island Road. The complex will house the Fire Department, Rescue Squad, and OEM Station, replacing a 70-year-old deteriorating structure with a modern facility designed to serve the borough for many generations. The design and construction documents are expected to be finalized by early 2024. The collaborative effort was highlighted with the awarding of a $1,152,000 contract to Netta Architects after meticulous selection, aiming to save both time and resources for the borough through efficient project coordination.

Moreover, the borough discussed the Bergen County Prevention Coalition, Division of Children’s Aids and Family Services. Mr. Gannon, representing the coalition, sought the borough’s support in conducting a tobacco and nicotine audit within the county to prevent youth access to tobacco products. He also discussed the availability of free naloxone packets, which could be placed within any AEDs in the borough, an initiative that has seen success in nearby towns.

Councilwoman Judy Cusick and Councilwoman Jane Woods further discussed varied community needs. Cusick reported on several departments’ endeavors including a $15,000 grant secured by the Shade Tree Commission to combat the spotted lanternfly invasion, and ongoing work on water main upgrades and lead service line replacement on Pine Street. Woods celebrated the grand opening of the Ramsey Senior Center and Community Center, deeming it a success with almost 100 attendees and appreciating the Council and Mayor Deirdre A. Dillon for recognizing the needs of the senior population.

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