Ramsey’s Youth Lead the Charge in War on Littering

In a recent Ramsey Borough Council meeting, streamed live on YouTube, local school students shone a spotlight on the rampant littering issue plaguing Main Street. Their detailed presentation was a highlight of a packed council meeting led by Mayor Dillon, tackling topics from public safety to land use ordinances.

The Smith School students, backed by research and compelling data, pointed out the correlation between Main Street’s popularity and the increasing amount of litter. They flagged the heavy use of plastics at local businesses, particularly Starbucks, and the scarcity of conveniently placed trash cans as major contributors to the problem. The students’ recommendations included an increase in the number of waste bins, particularly around popular hangouts.

“You should be so proud of them… they just put so much thought and … analytics into this,” commented an impressed council member. The council appreciated the students’ initiative and expressed commitment to addressing the issue of littering, leading to hearty applause and the decision to retain the students’ model of Main Street for future reference.

Separately, a resident voiced concerns about a breach in Finch Park’s fence, through which he had observed an adult male entering the playground. The council responded swiftly, directing Chief Lyman to increase patrols and alerting the Department of Public Works (DPW) to mend the fence.

The meeting also covered upcoming community events, including a special permit for a bike rally sponsored by the Roundabout Rally and the Bicycle Touring Club of New Jersey in August, and approval for a block party on North Street.

The council acknowledged the hard work and dedication of Sergeant Scott Peterson of the Ramsey Police Department, who recently retired. Peterson is set to embark on a new journey with the Department of Homeland Security. Hannah Nokes, the recipient of the Ramsey Municipal Alliance (RMA) scholarship, was also celebrated.

Finally, the council hailed the upcoming milling and repaving of Main Street and Wyckoff Avenue, a long-awaited project delayed due to previous fund scarcity.

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