Red Bank Planning Board Reviews Site Plans, Addresses Safety and Accessibility Concerns, and Advances Community Initiatives

In a recent Red Bank Planning Board meeting, the board navigated a series of topics, including site approval for 14 Warf Avenue, the introduction of a street tree requirement, and a review related to off-street parking for electric vehicles. Safety issues at a high-risk intersection and accessibility concerns due to the removal of an ADA parking space were also discussed, along with noise complaints from a local resident.

The site plan approval for 14 Warf Avenue, presented by representative Edward McKenna, was a key point of discussion. Architect Michael James Monroe described the proposed changes, which included enclosing a front tower element, adding a vestibule, moving the interior stair, and creating a seasonal enclosure on the second floor. The board posed questions about sliding glass doors, noise buffering, and the impact on neighbouring properties. A notable point of concern was the proposed removal of a handicap parking space due to safety issues, which prompted further discussion of the intersection’s safety challenges.

The board also addressed the issue of a parking lot taken over by picnic tables at a local establishment. The owner clarified the intention to use existing tables seasonally, with a slight increase during the winter to support the kitchen. Despite concerns about the elimination of the ADA parking space, the owner reassured the board that ADA requirements were being met in terms of door swings, accessible routes, and budget allocation towards ADA upgrades.

Safety concerns at a narrow angled parking lot intersection were presented by Mr. McCormick. He highlighted vehicle-pedestrian conflicts and safety issues due to cars backing out onto Warf Avenue, a high-speed intersection. Mayor William J. Portman and board member Dan Mancuso expressed concerns about removing the existing ADA parking space but agreed that alternative options should be explored, including designating another street spot as an ADA parking space.

Noise complaints and the presence of portable toilets near a restaurant were raised by resident Mr. Martin. Board member Dan Mancuso acknowledged the need to enforce the noise ordinance and address the visual impact of the portable toilets, suggesting that a plan be submitted to engineer Edward Herrman.

The board also discussed porta-potties at Porta Poes, a local establishment, emphasizing the need for the owner to submit a plan to properly screen the porta-potties and address the logistical issue. A developers agreement was proposed, including a timeline for the completion of improvements.

Robo Cafe’s request for major site plan approval due to a parking variance brought forth a series of operational details. The cafe, which aims to provide vocational training and socialization opportunities for individuals with special needs, presented a plan that included improvements to make the building more accessible.

The board reviewed the parking variance request, acknowledging the existing deficiency and the potential benefits of the proposed use. The board also discussed the location of the proposed accessible parking spot, considering placing it behind the building or another nearby property.

The introduction of a street tree requirement, where the applicant would either have to install trees or make a contribution, was also considered. The board clarified that the contribution for one tree was currently $1,000 and approved the application considering the engineer’s letter and the testimony provided.

Lastly, the board moved on to an ordinance review related to the off-street parking requirement for electric vehicles (EVs). The new section focused on the disconnecting process and the need for appropriate tools or mechanisms to be in place when installing EV charging stations. The requirement was understood to be driven by fire safety concerns.

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William J. Portman
Planning Board Officials:
Thomas J. Welsh, Kristina Bonatakis, Dan Mancuso, Louis DiMento, Megan Massey, Barbara Boas, Wilson Beebe, Itzel Hernandez, Fred Stone, Brian Parnagian, Greg Fitzgerald, Edward Herrman (Engineer), Michael Leckstein (Attorney)

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