Residents Voice Concerns Over Construction Project at River Edge Borough Council Meeting

At a recent meeting of the River Edge Borough Council, pressing concerns emerged about a local construction project, Fire Prevention Week was commemorated, and discussions about aligning pickleball hours with tennis dominated the discussion.

River Edge resident Jenna expressed significant distress over a construction project adjacent to her property. Detailing the disturbances, Jenna mentioned they couldn’t utilize their backyard and deck during the summer due to excessive noise and dust. Although acknowledging the project’s broader goal of addressing flooding from an aged storm drain system, Jenna’s primary concern revolved around inadequate communication. She emphasized feeling uninformed about delays or project updates. Council members responded with sympathy, offering direct communication channels and promising to monitor the project’s progress keenly.

Fire Prevention Week also took center stage. Mayor Thomas Papaleo declared October 8th to 14th as Fire Prevention Week, echoing the 2023 theme: “Cooking safely starts with you – pay attention to fire prevention.” The Chief of the fire department emphasized year-round fire prevention awareness, highlighting the dangers of cooking fires, particularly in kitchens. The importance of heater safety during winter and the placement of carbon monoxide detectors were also addressed.

The discussion regarding pickleball hours evoked substantial interest. Current pickleball hours stand from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in contrast to tennis court hours which extend from 8 a.m. to sunset. Given the absence of significant noise complaints from nearby residences, the council considered equalizing the hours of pickleball with tennis. The motion to align pickleball hours with tennis hours was subsequently seconded and approved.

In other proceedings, Douglas Dunton, a local scout leader with a 50-year association with Boy Scout Troop 184, was honored. His commitment to mentoring over 100 men to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout was particularly emphasized.

On the administrative side, two ordinances concerning vehicles and traffic, as well as amendments to parks and public lands, were presented and unanimously approved. The council also showed unanimous support for the hiring of Millennium strategies as a grant writer, praising their vast experience and impressive track record.

Upcoming community events, such as the Hackensack River sweep, an art show centered around baseball, and the end of the River Edge Farmers Market season, were also highlighted.

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