River Edge Board Grants Variance for Darkstar Development Rooftop, Limit Set to 40

In a recent virtual meeting conducted via Zoom by the Municipal Land Use Board of the Borough of River Edge, notable resolutions were passed concerning local development projects, with the most significant focusing on a rooftop terrace occupancy agreement for Darkstar Development LLC. The meeting saw a series of decisions aimed at ironing out details on past resolutions, with adjustments based on recent clarifications and negotiations. Notable council members in attendance were Chris Caslin, Richard Merhman, Bruce Feffer, James Arakelian, and Gary Esposito.

The board passed a resolution concerning the occupancy limit of the rooftop terrace of the property owned by Darkstar Development LLC at 335 Johnson Avenue. The resolution was detailed extensively, involving several alterations based on recent negotiations with the applicant’s attorney and a review of past testimonies. The major change pinpointed a setting of the maximum occupancy to 40 individuals, or fewer, dictated by the New Jersey Fire Safety Code, superseding the initially stated limit of 35 individuals. This adjustment was substantiated by a review of the testimony provided in previous meetings and seeks to align with the New Jersey Fire Safety Code regulations, effectively imposing a range that maintains both the agreed terms and adherence to safety laws.

Besides the rooftop terrace agreement, the session saw a couple of other corrections and memorializations. The board granted a variance to Brian and Shannon Lynch for minimum rear yard setback for their property at 151 Wayne Avenue. The architectural correction of an address, clarification on a voting outcome, and minor corrections to past minutes were among other items discussed and resolved during the session, underscoring the board’s commitment to maintaining accurate records.

Towards the end of the session, the board hinted at the discussion slated for the next meeting, revolving around the application concerning the old Dunkin’ Donuts building on Midlands Avenue.

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