River Edge Secures $900,000 Grant for Capital Improvements

In a recent meeting of the River Edge Borough Council, it was announced that thanks to the concerted efforts of Senator Joseph Lagana, Assemblywoman Lisa Swain, and Assemblyman Chris Tully, the borough has been awarded a $900,000 grant. This substantial funding is earmarked for unexpected costs related to repairs at Borough Hall and enhancements to Brookside and Memorial Park, relieving local taxpayers from these financial burdens.

The grant, part of a structured program named ‘sage,’ doesn’t require a matched contribution from the council. It will primarily focus on addressing issues identified in the DF report, covering repairs to facilities in the borough, especially parks and walkways. Emphasizing the significance of this financial boost, a council member mentioned, “This is $900,000 that will not come out of property taxes,” highlighting the relief this grant brings to River Edge residents. The acquisition of this funding was particularly praised, with council members stressing that it might have otherwise been allocated to a different town.

In the realm of infrastructure and development, Jason Flores from Costa Engineering gave an in-depth update on ongoing and completed projects. These include the 2022 CDBG-C replacement at Oxford and Rocker Place and the 2023 AD Rams project on Elm Avenue, Fenway, and Oak Avenue. Flores addressed challenges such as weather delays and inconsistent material deliveries but reassured the council of the commitment to quality and timely completion. An underlying sentiment throughout the discussions was residents’ concerns about the impact of construction, especially regarding grass restoration, noise, and equipment, which Flores pledged would be addressed.

The council also discussed the immediate need for an additional crossing guard. Backed by various traffic and pedestrian counts, along with observed illegal U-turns, the police department’s request emphasized the safety benefits the new position would bring. The historical reputation of the concerned intersection as a dangerous spot further reinforced the request. The cost for the new guard, including salary, physicals, and uniforms, would be approximately “$188,000 or 1,500 per month.”

In recognition of October 2023 as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the council shared poignant stories underscoring the devastating impacts of the disease and the importance of such commemorations.

Other notable points from the meeting included a proposed in-person meeting of the historic commission on October 24th at the library, and an upcoming community events, such as “Buster stock,” a memorial for a young man who tragically died of a drug overdose, and an e-waste recycling event by the Environmental Protection Commission.

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