River Vale School Board Reviews Live Streaming Policy, Updates on Woodside Renovation Project and District Audit

The River Vale School Board recently discussed the value and cost of live streaming meetings, reviewed an upcoming district audit, and provided updates on the Woodside renovation project. The board’s decisions in personnel matters were noted as final, and they also addressed the importance of community involvement in the education system.

One issue discussed during the meeting was the continuation of live streaming board meetings, a topic brought up by a board member. The member raised concerns about the cost of live streaming, estimated at $3,000 annually, compared to the low viewership numbers, with the highest number of viewers being 119 for a meeting in May. The member suggested that these funds could be redirected to initiatives that directly benefit students and the community.

Despite the low viewership, the board emphasized the significance of live streaming for certain essential meetings such as the reorganization, budget presentation, and the DAR meetings. Superintendent Melissa Signore clarified that live streaming was not mandated by board policy and that the board has the discretion to decide whether to continue it.

The board member who initiated the discussion proposed selectively broadcasting significant meetings and relying on minutes for others. They suggested that community members could direct any follow-up questions to the superintendent or the board via email. This approach was generally agreed upon by the board, but they expressed a need for further discussion on the logistical aspects before making a final decision. They tasked the member who raised the issue to gather more information and present it at the next meeting.

In addition to the live streaming debate, the board discussed several other issues. Superintendent Melissa Signore acknowledged the dedication and support of teachers, staff, and board members, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and fostering an environment that encourages innovation and positive change.

Board Secretary Kelly Ippolito provided updates on the recent board election and reminded attendees to submit their receipts for tolls and parking passes from the New Jersey School Board’s Workshop. Ippolito also touched on the upcoming district audit, which had been delayed but is scheduled to start on November 27th.

The Woodside renovation project was another significant topic of discussion. Ippolito announced that bids for the project would be opened on December 12th. One board member expressed their satisfaction about receiving a bid for busing services, prompting a question about when this might impact bus routes. Signore responded, indicating she would consult with the Middle School principal and that changes would likely take effect in January.

The board stressed that their decisions in personnel matters are binding and that public discussion of such matters is not permitted. They advised residents with concerns about an employee to contact the building principal or the superintendent. However, no public comments were made during this session.

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Melissa Signore
School Board Officials:
Steven Rosini, Patrice Pintarelli, Jamie Assor, Louan Austin, Cheryl Berkowitz, Virginia “Ginny” Senande, Arthur White, Kelly Ippolito (School Business Administrator/Board Secretary)

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