Rochelle Park Council Debate Infrastructure Improvements, Fee Structure Update, and Tree Preservation Efforts

In the recent Rochelle Park Town Council meeting, the council members discussed a wide range of issues. These included infrastructure improvements, particularly road redesigns and stormwater control, updating fines and fee structures for municipal violations, and the establishment of a shade tree commission. Additionally, reports pertaining to the town’s progress in revenue collection and community-based projects were presented, and acknowledgements were made for various accomplishments within the community.

The council’s deliberation on road renovations and stormwater control took center stage in the meeting, with members expressing concerns about the cost implications of redesigning roads to address water issues. The discussion highlighted the balance between upfront costs of such projects against long-term benefits and potential cost savings for residents due to improved water management. A contentious point was the potential removal of trees during these road renovations. Notably, Deputy Mayor Vincent Bessetti stressed the importance of proper tree placement to avoid damage to infrastructure and suggested considering homeowners’ preferences for tree planting.

The council also examined the need to modernize the fine schedule and fee structure for various municipal violations. A study comparing Rochelle Park’s fines with other municipalities was presented, emphasizing the need for more substantial penalties to deter repeat offenders. Violations discussed ranged from public expectoration and disorderly conduct to maintenance of premises and dog-related ordinances.

Mayor Linda Boniface provided updates on several ongoing initiatives and projects. She announced a legislative grant of $100,000 for flood mitigation, which could potentially be directed towards the pump station project. Furthermore, she discussed the Garden State Plaza’s application to build apartment units and how Rochelle Park is addressing potential water runoff impacts from the proposed development.

A major point of interest in the meeting was the discussion around tree preservation in the town. A resident, Mike Warren, advocated for the establishment of a shade tree commission to oversee tree-related matters. This sparked a debate about the potential benefits of such a commission and the importance of community involvement in tree preservation efforts. Councilman Perrin Mosca proposed involving the public in the decision-making process for tree placement and suggested pursuing available funding, such as a county grant, to support tree planting initiatives.

Newly-elected council member Thomas Miller expressed his commitment to responsive and well-informed leadership, showing his intention to work across party lines for the benefit of Rochelle Park. He emphasized the importance of understanding different perspectives, a value he attributed to his late father, a political science professor.

The council also addressed several enforcement and regulatory issues, including smoking on public property and fines for non-compliance with regulations. The need for a full-time enforcement officer to address violations effectively was also discussed.

Lastly, the council acknowledged various accomplishments within the community. Mayor Boniface congratulated new members of the Rochelle Park Volunteer Fire Department and recognized the promotion of Brian Galina to Sergeant. Deputy Mayor Bessetti expressed gratitude for the dedication of a bench in the tri triangles by his brother’s friends and for the winners of the recent election. In addition, the efforts of Eagle Scouts who completed community-based projects in Rochelle Park were praised.

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Mayor Linda Boniface
City Council Officials:
Perrin Mosca, Gail Artola, Jennifer Appice, Vincent Bessetti Deputy Mayor, Comm. LiBassi (Township Committee member)

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