Rochelle Park’s New Storm Water Ordinance Highlights Salt Seepage Concern

In a recent meeting of the Rochelle Park Town Council, concerns were raised over the potential runoff or seepage of salt from private businesses into stormwater. The council emphasized the urgent need to ensure that businesses, such as parking lots, have the necessary coverage for their salt supplies. This comes in light of the newly introduced storm water control ordinance, aiming to prevent environmental hazards related to salt seepage.

Mr. Bruce Rockwell from Boswell Engineering, in his engineer’s report, touched upon this new ordinance, underscoring modifications to the existing town code. This includes ensuring private businesses have adequate coverage for salt sheds. The measure stems from a broader objective to safeguard the town’s stormwater system and align with the community’s environmental commitments.

Aside from the environmental initiatives, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) delved into a series of best practices for the council. Highlighting some key points, the CFO noted the town’s lack of a storm recovery trust fund and current reliance on professional companies for public works projects. The town also does not have hybrid or electric vehicles but possesses an electric charger. Among other topics, shared service agreements were filed but not in full, a practice the DCA wishes to see changed in the future.

The council also recognized several local businesses and institutions for their contributions to the community. Notably, the Blue Foundry Bank’s generous donations to two Rochelle Park organizations and the special mass dedicated to First Responders organized by Father Rich and the staff of Sacred Heart Church were acknowledged.

Addressing community safety, an individual raised concerns about the heightened security at the Garden State Plaza, suggesting a potential renegotiation of the existing security agreement. Responding, a council member indicated the council’s willingness to reconsider the terms, emphasizing the importance of public safety.

Additional developments reported include the completion of ADA improvements at various fields, advancements in the sanitary sewer pump station, and the anticipated finalization of digital tax maps. The council also emphasized upcoming community events and recognized the local police department’s unique initiative of introducing “baseball cards” to connect officers with community members.

The meeting concluded with discussions on bond ordinances related to public improvements and equipment acquisitions. Both were passed unanimously. The council then transitioned to a closed session to discuss personal and employment matters.

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