Rutherford Borough Council Approves Infrastructure Plans and Addresses Noise Pollution Concerns

The Rutherford Borough Council, in its recent meeting, approved plans for infrastructure projects while also addressing significant concerns about noise pollution from both a local car wash and daily leaf blower operations.

The council’s November 13 meeting began with an update on various projects, including the Jackson and Erie traffic signal upgrade, which will be finished and put on the bid schedule early next year. Brian, the borough engineer, also outlined the 2023 road program, which includes concrete work starting in the spring. The borough has secured a 75% reimbursement from NJDOT for the work and is pursuing grants for other projects. Stephanie McGowan and Maria Begg-Roberson, council members, engaged in the discussion, with Begg-Roberson mentioning the nine-year process to pave Union Avenue.

The council also addressed ongoing concerns about noise pollution from the Rutherford Car Wash, after resident Ryan Green complained about noise levels reaching 90 decibels, well over the town’s limit of 65 decibels. His concerns were echoed by another resident, Christine Leno, who highlighted the impact on houses with young children. While the council acknowledged these issues, they did not provide a specific response during the meeting.

The issue of noise pollution was further emphasized when another resident complained about the disruption caused by daily leaf blower operations in their neighborhood. The council decided to involve code enforcement and the Department of Health in addressing this issue and exploring the possibility of conducting a noise test.

During the meeting, the council approved item e, a resolution authorizing the EGDC property tax appeal settlement. They also passed resolution number 237, which authorized the sale of surplus personal property online, and resolution number 234, regarding fire engine refurbishment. The council also approved a contract for DPW staff uniforms to Unifer Corporation, with a maximum cost of $30,000.

Councilman Matthew Cokeley expressed appreciation for the Arts committee and their successful Grand Porch Fest, thanking Councilwoman Christie Del Rey-Cone for allowing the use of her home. He also emphasized the significance of elections and Veterans Day, sharing his experiences working at a Veterans Administration Hospital.

Councilwoman Susan Quatrone seconded Cokeley’s motion for the fire engine refurbishment, and Councilwoman Maria Begg-Roberson seconded his motion for Fire Department uniform allowances. Both resolutions passed, marking a win for the council’s ongoing efforts to support local services.

The council wrapped up the meeting with the introduction of two ordinances by Council President McGowan. The first ordinance aimed to repeal chapter 22b contracts, and the second established a salary for the maintenance supervisor. Councilman Raymond Guzmán also presented an ordinance to establish a handicap parking space on Park Avenue. All three ordinances were passed on first reading.

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Frank Nunziato
City Council Members:
Stephanie McGowan, Maria Begg-Roberson, Raymond Guzmán, Matthew Cokeley, Susan Quatrone, Christie Del Rey-Cone

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