Saddle Brook Council Honors Youth Champions, Tackles Safety & Flooding Issues

In a recent meeting of the Saddle Brook Town Council, a range of significant issues were discussed including local traffic safety concerns, plans to honor a local youth sports team’s achievement, and the problem of flooding in lower-lying areas of the town.

The meeting kicked off with Mayor Robert White honoring a group of young men who won the District Tournament 14 and under, a rare accomplishment in the town’s history. He stressed the values of teamwork and work ethic imparted by team sports and presented the players and their coaches with proclamations from the state senate and assembly members. The coaches thanked the council, parents, and the community for their support.

The council then turned to discuss safety issues raised by residents, particularly those related to traffic and parking violations. Residents from Madison Avenue and Oxford Street voiced their frustrations with vehicles parked in front of driveways and passing school buses, creating safety hazards for children and pedestrians. Mayor White assured residents that these concerns would be discussed with the police and emphasized the need for increased police presence near Franklin School.

Mayor White further emphasized the importance of health awareness, declaring October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Council member Todd J. Accomando highlighted the availability of free mammograms for uninsured and underinsured individuals at Newbridge Medical Center throughout the month. Accomando also addressed the closure of a CVS, debunking rumors of a full-scale demolition for residential development and suggesting the vacant space could potentially host other businesses.

Vital election-related information was shared, including the upcoming general elections and the deadline to apply for mail-in ballots. Changes to polling locations were announced, and early voting dates were provided.

The council also discussed the persistent flooding issues in Saddle Brook, particularly in the area of Shepis. Council member Andrew Cimiluca noted that the flood committee was working on the problem but identified the size of the pipes as a significant hurdle, as they were unable to handle the volume of water during heavy rainfall.

Another topic of discussion was the regulation of electric scooters and bikes. The lack of rules surrounding these vehicles was of concern, with instances of individuals driving them without licenses or safety gear. The council agreed to research this matter further, considering similar ordinances from other towns.

The meeting concluded with council members expressing their disdain for terror groups like Hamas and ISIS, and their support for the victims of terror attacks. The council members extended their sympathy to the families affected by these challenging times, emphasizing the need for vigilance and reporting of any suspicious activities.

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