Saddle River Board Approves $12M Budget, Facility Upgrades, and Student Programs

Chaired by Mr. Peros, the board approved various facilities projects for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years, earmarking funds for school facility improvements and system upgrades. The enhancements ranged from classroom asbestos removal to electrical upgrades and the introduction of a new phone system.

The budget for the upcoming school year was adopted, totaling $12,431,922. It will be funded in part by a local tax levy of $9,876,542. The budget includes allocations for a general fund, special revenue fund for federal grants, and a provision for debt service. Ms. Gillis presented the 2023-24 budget, explaining the curriculum and instructional components in detail, and Dr. Cinotti shed light on the district’s technology upgrades. Moreover, the board gave an open invitation to the public to participate in their meetings.

Additionally, the board approved the implementation of the NJ Child Assault Prevention Program for the next school year. The program’s implementation is contingent on the approval of a grant application filed with the NJCAP State office.

The School Board meeting also served as a platform to recognize student achievement. Vice Principal Mrs. Kleinbard highlighted the second-place achievement of three students – Bobby Howard, Isaac Moore, and Nathan Shapsis – in the G&T Mascot Challenge Competition.

Finally, on the administrative front, the board made several important personnel decisions. Among them was the approval of an afterschool program called ‘Stem and Stuff’ for the spring of 2023, with Lisa Kilgallen at the helm as instructor.

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