Saddle River Tackles Water Concerns, Road Improvements, and New Zoning Laws

In a recent meeting held by the Saddle River Borough Council, urgent water issues took center stage. Addressing these problems, the council sought to establish a more transparent relationship with Veolia, the water company providing services to the borough. Other key matters discussed included roadway improvements, new zoning regulations for houses of worship, and the introduction of a bond ordinance for a pedestrian bridge construction project.

Mayor Kurpis presided over the meeting, attended by Council Members Azzariti, DiGirolamo, Liva, and Sachdev. Council President Hekemian and Council Member Carpenter were notably missing.

One of the primary concerns addressed at the meeting was the overbilling issue raised against Veolia. To bring clarity to this matter, the council confirmed the installation of new water meters. Councilman Sachdev, in particular, took interest in these matters, questioning Engineer Martin Spence regarding the status of the meters and the report from Veolia expected to arrive in September. He stressed the importance of postponing DEP permit requests until these meters are read and evaluated.

The potential existence of a substantial water leak, possibly within the river due to its size, was a topic of considerable discussion. The council agreed that the exact location of the leak could not be determined until the new meters and readings were available. Pending resolution of the water usage charges for 2023, the borough decided to withhold payment.

Roadway improvements, another significant item on the council’s agenda, saw the borough considering DOT grant opportunities for the reconstruction of Lower Cross Rd. and replacement of Twin Brooks culvert. The borough’s Streetscape 6 project was also launched, with specific regions marked for upgrade.

Proposing an alteration to zoning laws, Attorney David Lafferty introduced a suggestion to increase the minimum lot size required for churches and houses of worship from 10 to 15 acres. The proposal, necessitating further review from the Planning Board, was approved for first reading without any comments from the council.

A bond ordinance was introduced to allocate an additional $210,000 to the Rindlaub Park Pedestrian Bridge Construction Project. This ordinance was also approved unanimously for its first reading.

Amongst other topics, the council approved temporary summer appointments for the Department of Public Works, supported multiple local initiatives, and tackled concerns from residents during the public comment section. Councilman Liva advocated for increased event promotion signage, while members of the public expressed worries about tennis courts, parking regulations, and a potential dog park.

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