Sayreville’s Waterfront Development Project Advances with Bass Pro Shop and Secondary Water Source

The most recent Sayreville Borough Council meeting saw advancements in the ongoing Waterfront Development Project, including the issuance of a foundation permit for the Bass Pro Shop and the planning of a secondary water source for Riverton.

The meeting, held on November 16th, 2023, was marked by updates on the Waterfront Development Project by Councilwoman Mary Novak and Councilwoman Donna Roberts. The redeveloper of the project is reportedly seeking bids for the core and shell of the Bass Pro Shop building, with procurement of significant building equipment, such as HVAC units, electrical transformers, and generators, already underway.

In addition to the Bass Pro Shop updates, the redeveloper has also completed necessary improvements to the Epic Church, which were required for the widening of the Riverton entrance by Chevalier Boulevard. These improvements included reconfiguring the parking lot and expanding the northwest and southwest corners.

Furthermore, progress has been made concerning the electrical substation and sanitary sewer pump station, with work also beginning on a secondary water source from the Baren Street water tank to Riverton. A temporary construction easement for the waterline project was discussed and approved during the meeting, with the line planned to run from RAR Street to Oak Street, cutting through Cross Avenue. The easement is necessary to begin the construction process as soon as possible.

In other matters, the Economic Development Agency has finalized regulations for the new Aspire program. The agency is now set to review the Waterfront Development Project’s application for an Aspire Grant, which, if approved, will significantly propel the project forward.

The meeting also included the approval of a $250 per month increase in compensation for the services provided by STK Services’ Wayne Kronowski, who has been assisting the agency for nearly two decades without any prior increase.

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Victoria Kilpatrick
City Council Officials:
John Zebrowski, Dan Balka, Vincent Conti, Mary Novak, Christian Onuoha, Donna Roberts, Jessica Morelos (Municipal Clerk), Nicole Waranowicz (Assistant Municipal Clerk), Jeanmarie O’Leary (Keyboarding Clerk I), Kaitlyn Mulcahy (Clerk 1), Dan Celidonio (Building Inspector), Lewis Hassell (Building Inspector), John Sarica (Electrical Subcode Official), Kirk Miick (Director/Construction & Fire Subcode Official), Dave Wroblewski (Building Subcode Official), Ernest Morgan (Plumbing Subcode Official), Dave Piech (Electrical Inspector), Amy Huff (Technical Assistant), Elizabeth Kuras (Clerk/Bilingual), Amy Williams (Technical Assistant), Donald Riley (Morgan First Aid President), Dexter Thomas (Sayreville Emergency Squad President), Denise Biancamano (C. F. O.), Danielle Maiorana (QPA, Purchasing Agent), Bea Duigon (Benefits Clerk), Jennifer Dusko (Payroll Clerk), Amy Loughman (Senior Account Clerk), Kevin Krushinski (Fire Official), Jonathan Magaw (Fire Inspector), Andrew Landstrom (Fire Inspector), Joe Notarangelo (Board of Health President), Amy Williams (Registrar), Edwin Gano (Health Inspector), Leah Kloc (Library Director), Rebecca Garbowski (Personnel Director), Glenn Skarzynski (Business Administrator), Jennifer Betzler (Clerk), Jennifer Bell (Director of Senior Citizen Activities), Jeanne Cirillo (Field Representative), Rita Kolodziej (Clerk), Dan Plumacker (Chief of Police), Dominick Castelgrant (Uniform Division Commander), Patrick Kiernan (Captain – Administration), Debbie Turner (Records Department), Dawn Perry-Meyer (Clerk), Enza Tsaptsinos (Clerk), Brian Van Dongen (Director of Recreation), Jeffrey Schnitzer (Clerk), Cheryl McQuade (Clerk), George Gawron (Superintendant of Public Works), Elyse Barone (Recycling Coordinator), Matthew Johnsen (Fire Chief), Vincent Waranowicz (First Assistant Fire Chief), Anthony Mercado (Second Assistant Fire Chief), Joseph Kupsch (Tax Assessor), Beverly Johns (Deputy Tax Assessor), Ken Kelly (Assessing Clerk), Katie Elichko (Tax Collector), David Leitner (Superintendent), Ken Hays (Supervisor of Water), Rich Jurkiewicz (Sewer Supervisor), Jodie Klosek (Office Supervisor), Andrew Mashanski (Zoning Officer), Joan Kemble (Clerk/Zoning Board Secretary), Beth Magnani (Secretary), Tracy Ansley (Code Enforcement Officer), Rafael Albarran (Code Enforcement Officer/Bilingual Spanish), Joan Kemble (Clerk).

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