School Board Votes to Keep Schools Future-Ready Amid Budget Allocations and Staffing Changes

In a recent Closter School Board meeting presided by Ms. Finkelstein, significant decisions were made aimed at keeping school facilities up-to-date and supporting staffing requirements for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year. Notably, Superintendent Mr. McHale announced a planned presentation to the Closter Mayor and Council regarding a proposed bond referendum, which, if approved, will enable the school to access state aid for improving school facilities, thereby easing the financial burden on taxpayers.

Mr. McHale also highlighted the success of the fourth and eighth-grade graduation ceremonies and the summer programs, which commenced on July 5, 2023, offering support and enrichment for 168 students.

The topic of Child Assault Prevention (CAP) program took center stage during the Curriculum and Instruction Committee segment, where board member Ms. Fanelli expressed concerns over the program’s effectiveness. Mr. McHale, in response, warned that developing an alternative to the CAP could be expensive and time-consuming.

The board also revealed an inquiry from a film company interested in renting the Tenakill Middle School building for a month. However, potential conflicts with the summer programs were noted.

Financial matters also held significant attention during the board meeting. The board approved a General Fund amounting to $1,630,254.32, Special Revenue funds worth $72,564.91, and Enterprise funds worth $3,119.60, totaling to $1,705,938.83. Other notable decisions included the renewal of contracts with various vendors and the appointment of a summer speech-language teacher.

Finally, the board confirmed the appointment of various roles for the 2023-2024 school year, including Anti-Bullying Coordinator, Anti-Bullying Specialist, and District Testing Coordinator, among others. The board also approved the transfer of unanticipated excess revenue or unexpended appropriations from the general fund into the District’s Capital Reserve account and Maintenance Reserve account at year-end.

Despite the varied topics of discussion and the substantial decisions made, there were no public comments during the session. The meeting adjourned at 9:03 PM.

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