Sea Bright Borough Council Meeting Addresses Beach Erosion and Community Enhancement

During the recent Sea Bright Borough Council Meeting, focus centered on the Army Corps meeting and the implications for beach replenishment in Sea Bright, as well as discussions on capital projects, the annual beach fair, community enhancement, and the proposed changes to the Solid Waste ordinance.

The meeting kicked off with Councilman Erwin Bieber’s report on the Army Corps of Engineers meeting about the Sea Bright to Manasquan beach replenishment program. Bieber highlighted the ongoing efforts to address the serious issue of beach erosion and expressed concern about the potential impact on the seawall. He further raised questions about the monitoring of sand dredged from the Shrewsbury River. Despite potential alternative methods to mitigate beach erosion being discussed, the Army Corps did not express favorability towards any of the proposed solutions. This conversation underscores the need for continued monitoring and the exploration of alternative solutions to manage erosion.

Simultaneously, the council touched upon the Capital Plan for 2023, which includes proposals for relining the sewer on Ocean Avenue downtown and at the P Barn, along with upgrades to a pump station. The council also explored the process of regionalization and the potential for delays in obtaining approval for a grant. Another significant project discussed was the Ocean Avenue relining in South Beach, a joint venture with Rumson, where funding still needs to be secured.

The timing of the annual beach fair also saw debate. Beach Manager, Don Klein, proposed a shift to the last weekend of September to circumvent issues with ride companies securing work visas for their staff. Public Works Director, David Bahrle, provided an update on various maintenance activities, including plans to rebuild beach lockers, repaint benches on the seawall, and replace old trash cans in the main parking lot.

Committee Chair for Administration and Shared Services, Erwin Bieber, suggested reducing regular council meetings to once a month, with an additional work session in between, citing potential cost savings and increased efficiency. This proposal was met with mixed responses, and the council agreed to consider it further.

There were also discussions about the availability of parking for businesses, particularly with the potential loss of the Church Street lot. The council engaged in debates on the current parking situation, the impact of upcoming construction projects on parking, and the potential introduction of shuttle services for employees.

Community enhancement was another topic of the meeting, with discussions around hanging planters, benches, a mural project for the community center, and the potential for new trash cans. Furthermore, the council discussed the potential relocation of furniture from the back room to the game room in the community center, with the discussion highlighting the need for a feasible solution that would cater to both seniors and gym users.

The council also debated on a more defined Solid Waste ordinance to address the issue of renters leaving excessive items for disposal. A noise ordinance was also deliberated upon, along with the consideration of limiting donation requests to Monmouth County organizations.

The meeting concluded with the scheduling of a special meeting for December 28, with a resolution to conduct the meeting virtually. It also included a discussion about a grant application for a regionalization efficiency program with Atlantic Highlands and Highlands.

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City Council Officials:
Ammaturo, James (Plumbing Sub-Code Official), Anfuso, Timothy (Tax Assessor), Bahrle, David (Public Works Director), DiBerardino, Karen (Construction Secretary Technical Assistant), Everard, Jay (Electric Sub-Code Official), Farmer, Jane (Library Director), Friedman, Brett M. (Police Chief), Graham, Michelle (Deputy Clerk Deputy Registrar), Haege, Thomas (Code Enforcement Officer C.O. Inspector), Haege, Thomas (Fire Marshal Fire Sub-Code Offical), Jacobs, Khristi (Finance Manager Accounts Payable), Klein, Don (Beach Manager Recreation Director), Lawrence, Frank (Administrative Assistant- Special Projects), LoSacco, Jeffrey (Building Inspector), Mitchell, Candace B. (Planning Bd. Secretary Registrar Special Events Secretary), Murphy, Charles R., Jr. (Fire Chief), O’Neil, Nancy (Construction Technical Assistant), Pfeiffer, Christine (Municipal Clerk), Smith, Carol (Municipal Court Administrator), Smith, Robert J. III (Public Works Deputy Director), Spahr, Patricia (Tax Collector, Sewer Utility Collector Health Commission Bd. Sec), Tangolics, Mary (Zoning Officer Flood Plain Manager), Toth, Anthony (First Aid Chief), Verruni, Joseph L. (Borough Administrator), Wheeler, Edward (Construction Official, Building Sub-Code Official), Erwin Bieber (Committee Chair: Administration, Shared Services), Booker, Sr., Jefferey M. (Committee Chair: Finance, Insurance, Grants), Catalano, Samuel A. (Committee Chair: Beach, Capital Plan, Flood Mitigation), Gorman, Heather (Committee Chair: Library, Recreation, Public Relations), Keeler, William J. (Preseident of Council Committee Chair: Court, Public Safety), Kelly, Lamia, Jr., John M. (Committee Chair: Public Works, Building Dept., Beautification)

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