Sea Bright Borough Council Meeting Reveals Tensions Over Rising Property Taxes and Responsiveness to Residents’ Concerns

The recent Sea Bright Borough Council meeting was marked with residents’ concerns about significant increases in property taxes, discrepancies in property assessments, and issues with town responsiveness. Council members, including Mayor Brian Kelly and Council President William Keeler, acknowledged these issues and assured residents of their active efforts towards resolving them. The meeting also saw the approval of various items in the consent agenda, updates on ongoing projects, and discussions about upcoming changes in leadership.

The issue of rising property taxes took center stage at the council meeting, as residents Kevin Beasley and Mike Conn expressed their concerns about the fairness of recent assessments and the potential financial implications. Both residents cited examples of properties with varying increases, questioned the rationale behind the assessments, and expressed skepticism about the process. They also expressed their shock at the substantial increase in their property valuations and the potential doubling of their property taxes.

In response, Mayor Brian Kelly and Council President William Keeler explained that the tax assessor’s recommendations were rejected by the Monmouth County tax assessor, leading to additional impositions on the town’s assessments. They also highlighted the limitations on the town’s ability to adjust the municipal tax rate, which is capped at a maximum annual increase. Officials stated they shared residents’ concerns and are actively working to navigate the challenges posed by the assessment process and its potential impact on the town’s budget.

The council meeting also saw discussions about the impact of rising property values on taxes. Some members expressed their frustration about the lack of control over property values, with one member noting that “people were willing to come into the town and pay 20 30 40% over what the number was a year ago.” The council clarified that the municipal budget is not determined based on assessments, and the tax rate is capped at a 2% increase in the tax levy. It was also emphasized that the tax rate would come down to equalize the cost.

Several residents voiced their dissatisfaction with the town’s responsiveness to their concerns. One resident, in particular, expressed frustration at the town’s inaction concerning a storm drain issue, criticizing the lack of response despite their repeated attempts to address the problem. The resident’s emotional appeal highlighted a disconnect between the town’s responsiveness and the residents’ expectations, calling for improved communication and accountability.

In addition to these issues, the council meeting saw the approval of various items in the consent agenda, including the removal of property and the adoption of an ordinance related to fire safety. The council also approved a voucher list for a substantial amount. Updates were provided on various projects, including the progress on a Train Pavilion at Anchorage Park and the planning board’s activities. An upcoming change in leadership and the posting of a position for a new business administrator were also mentioned.

The meeting concluded with council members expressing gratitude to a fellow member who was leaving the council and providing updates on ongoing projects and initiatives. They also discussed the need to reach out to a senator for assistance on a specific issue, emphasizing the persistence necessary in seeking resolution.

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Brian P.
City Council Officials:
Ammaturo, James (Plumbing Sub-Code Official), Anfuso, Timothy (Tax Assessor), Bahrle, David (Public Works Director), DiBerardino, Karen (Construction Secretary Technical Assistant), Everard, Jay (Electric Sub-Code Official), Farmer, Jane (Library Director), Friedman, Brett M. (Police Chief), Graham, Michelle (Deputy Clerk Deputy Registrar), Haege, Thomas (Code Enforcement Officer C.O. Inspector), Haege, Thomas (Fire Marshal Fire Sub-Code Offical), Jacobs, Khristi (Finance Manager Accounts Payable), Klein, Don (Beach Manager Recreation Director), Lawrence, Frank (Administrative Assistant- Special Projects), LoSacco, Jeffrey (Building Inspector), Mitchell, Candace B. (Planning Bd. Secretary Registrar Special Events Secretary), Murphy, Charles R., Jr. (Fire Chief), O’Neil, Nancy (Construction Technical Assistant), Pfeiffer, Christine (Municipal Clerk), Smith, Carol (Municipal Court Administrator), Smith, Robert J. III (Public Works Deputy Director), Spahr, Patricia (Tax Collector, Sewer Utility Collector Health Commission Bd. Sec), Tangolics, Mary (Zoning Officer Flood Plain Manager), Toth, Anthony (First Aid Chief), Verruni, Joseph L. (Borough Administrator), Wheeler, Edward (Construction Official, Building Sub-Code Official), Erwin Bieber (Committee Chair: Administration, Shared Services), Booker, Sr., Jefferey M. (Committee Chair: Finance, Insurance, Grants), Catalano, Samuel A. (Committee Chair: Beach, Capital Plan, Flood Mitigation), Gorman, Heather (Committee Chair: Library, Recreation, Public Relations), Keeler, William J. (Preseident of Council Committee Chair: Court, Public Safety), Kelly, Lamia, Jr., John M. (Committee Chair: Public Works, Building Dept., Beautification)

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