Seaside Park Borough Council Grapples with Public Safety Concerns and Adopts New Ordinances

At the recent Seaside Park Borough Council meeting, the most matters revolved around public safety and infrastructure concerns, with a particular emphasis on the condition of a local boardwalk ramp and the construction of a new well in the borough. Additionally, the council addressed ordinances concerning the Deor Avenue Water Tower and a flood mitigation plan. The meeting also covered authorizations for various events, discussion on resolutions, and public comments from residents.

In response to a resident’s testimony about her husband’s fall and near-accident with a fishing truck on a boardwalk ramp, the council conceded the safety issue with the ramp. The resident emphasized the potential for accidents and even fatalities, especially during the upcoming summer season. She urged the council to prioritize addressing the dangerous condition of the ramp.

The council also deliberated the final reading and adoption of ordinances 22314, 22315, and 22316. Ordinance 22314, which provides for the construction of a new well in the borough, sparked a public hearing where a resident voiced concerns about the status of another well, well 10. The council additionally examined the capital ordinance appropriating funds for the Deor Avenue Water Tower and a flood mitigation plan.

The J Street Community Center also became a subject of discussion. With the interior of the center cleaned out, the council is currently awaiting proposals for ramp work. Alongside this, the council evaluated potential changes to borough code related to construction fees, liability insurance, and lead-based paint inspections for rental dwellings. Council President Matthew DeMichele expressed concerns about the fairness of inspections for single-family homes compared to Airbnb properties.

The meeting also saw the council endorsing authorizations for various events, such as the Seaside Park Republican Club meeting, the Berkeley Striper Club Fisherman’s flea market, and a teaching tagging course. They further approved the payment of claims and considered several resolutions, including the appointment of seasonal employees and the sale of surplus property.

Public comments during the meeting raised concerns about procedures during council meetings, regulation of weed odor, and the insurance requirements for block parties involving alcohol. A resident also expressed concern about the portrayal of his position on wind farms and whales during the recent election campaign. The final public comment addressed the access for emergency vehicles on Brighton Avenue.

The council concluded the meeting by discussing establishing procedures for video recording and public comments during meetings. A member of the public suggested that the chair should have the discretion to extend the five-minute time limit for public comments. Another resident highlighted the need for transparency and clarity in the rental property inspection process, and the availability of the meeting agenda beforehand.

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John A. Peterson Jr.
City Council Officials:
Matthew DeMichele (Council President), Frank (Fritz) McHugh, Gina Condos, Ray Amabile, Marty Wilk, Jr., William Kraft

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