Teaneck School Board Introduces Students to Election Work

In a recent Teaneck School Board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Andre Spencer announced a new initiative to involve students as election workers in collaboration with town election clerk.

The program, set to kick off with Lacey School, aims to immerse students in the election process, providing a real-world look into civic responsibility and operations. Between 12 and 24 students are expected to participate, earning a stipend of $150 to $300 for their work on election day. The board believes that this initiative will not only educate the students about the election process but also instill a sense of civic duty at an early age.

Safety during the elections was a topic of concern. Discussions with town election officers centered on the placement of polling sites within school campuses. The board has developed safety protocols to ensure a smooth voting process, such as direct routes to polling locations like gymnasiums and clear paths for voters to follow.

Dr. Spencer also detailed other happenings within the district. Notably, the district recently held a realtors luncheon, informing realtors about the district’s offerings. This event, hailed as a success, aims to keep potential homebuyers informed about the academic and extracurricular programs available. In addition, Hispanic Heritage Month was marked by district-wide celebrations, featuring book readings, cultural events, and an upcoming Hispanic Heritage Appreciation Parade at Bryan School.

Issues of uniformity were discussed in collaboration with the parent advisory committee, which comprises ten parents representing each campus level. Dr. Spencer highlighted the district’s efforts to maintain consistency across schools, particularly concerning uniforms.

Miss Kassandra Reyes spotlighted disparities in operations and curriculums between two middle schools. She emphasized the need for more extensive tier two and tier three interventions. Additionally, a reading program, “Bergen reads,” where volunteers read to students, was highlighted, with enthusiasm about its potential reintroduction after a COVID-19 hiatus.

Discussion further touched on the valuation of online subscriptions used during the pandemic, aligning with a new governmental accounting standard. The district plans to collaborate with Debt Book, a firm specializing in this process, to appraise over a hundred of these subscriptions for the annual report.

Lastly, the board conveyed its gratitude to the Tops Foundation for their generous donation of $15,000, highlighting their invaluable support to the district. The foundation will be present at the subsequent meeting on October 18th, contributing to the presentations.

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