Teaneck Town Council Meeting Highlights Affordable Housing, Memorial Projects, and Community Disputes

The recent Teaneck Town Council meeting focused primarily on affordable housing units at Parkside Lane, memorial projects for Holocaust and Enslaved African communities, and the nomination process for various board positions. These issues were interspersed with public comments, concerns about community relations, and discussions about local municipal projects.

The marketing of units located on Palisade Avenue, was a significant agenda item. The units are being marketed through a random prioritization process, with prices ranging from $91,000 to $196,000 based on income and household size. Concerns were raised about comparing these units directly to the market-rate units and about tax assessment for the affordable units. Developer Paul Schne emphasized the goal of creating an inclusive community with the integration of affordable and market-rate homes.

Council member Michael Pagan provided an update on the affordable housing program, expecting six certificates of occupancy for affordable homes by year-end or early January. A notable project discussed was the Holocaust Memorial project, with Mr. Fox presenting a pared-down plan for the memorial. The project sparked a debate about the use of state funds and the allocation of resources, with Council member Danielle Gee raising questions about the expenses.

The meeting also delved into the allocation of state funds received for the Enslaved African Memorial and the Holocaust Memorial. Councilmember Fox highlighted joint programs with local schools and expressed disappointment in the lack of construction funding. Patricia Butler, from the Enslaved African Memorial committee, emphasized the need for private fundraising due to changes in state funding. Deputy Mayor G raised concerns about the allocation of expenses, particularly the amounts paid to the architect and consulting group.

A issue during the meeting was the nomination process for various board positions. Deputy Mayor G proposed a motion to amend the nomination to include a comprehensive list of nominees for different boards, which led to a debate on whether to vote on the entire list as a whole or each nominee separately. Councilman Schwarz expressed a preference for voting on each nominee individually. The nomination of Cheryl Hall as chair of the Advisory Board on Community Relations was passed despite some council members expressing reservations about the decision-making process.

The council addressed various local municipal projects, including road resurfacing, equipment acquisitions, and park improvements. The public hearing on the New Jersey Greenacres application for Sagamore Park improvements sparked a debate, with varied opinions on the necessity of the project.

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Mike Pagan
City Council Officials:
Michael Pagan, Danielle Gee, Elie Y. Katz, Denise Belcher, Hillary Goldberg, Karen Orgen, Mark J. Schwartz

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