Tenafly School Board Eyes Security Measures and Restructures Meeting Schedule

At its recent meeting, the Tenafly School Board discussed an impending security assessment from Bergen County prosecutor’s office and announced changes to its board meeting structure.

The board revealed it had received a Middle School assessment report prepared at the direction of Bergen County prosecutor’s office’s intelligence and counter-terrorism unit, under the New Jersey office of Homeland Security preparedness program. While the exact details and recommendations from the assessment were not openly discussed, Superintendent Dr. Michael Ben-David noted, “What I can say at this time is that we have had and will continue to have a number of meetings regarding facilities work and personnel.” Highlighting the immediate security steps being taken, he added that they have “currently posted for door monitors at all schools.”

Another significant change revealed was the restructuring of their board meeting schedule. According to Michelle Harris, the board is revamping its structure to “improve board practices and efficiency and productivity.” One of the more notable modifications is reducing the frequency of meetings to once a month, with the intention of streamlining committee structures to be more effective.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for community and faculty engagement. Ms. Nazifigali, a veteran teacher with 31 years under her belt, 21 of which were spent in the Tenafly district, introduced herself in her new role as the PTA President. Expressing her deep-rooted connection to the community, she remarked, “Tenafly is forever a part of my story, and I am also a part of its story.”

Beyond these major points of discussion, the board also acknowledged and thanked the KPA for their donation to The Mckay school.

The evening wound down with a second opportunity for public comment, although no attendees took the floor. Following the closure of the comments period, a motion was passed to adjourn the meeting.

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