Tenafly School Board Grapples With Concerns Over School Security

In an important meeting of the Tenafly School Board, numerous educators were celebrated for their remarkable contributions to the local educational community, even as concerns over school security were raised by local residents.

The Board meeting honored the district’s Governors’ Educators of the Year, which included a variety of educators and professionals who have had significant positive impacts on the Tenafly school district. Superintendent Bruce Watson led the commendations, praising the educators, “Tenafly is very fortunate to have all of you… you’re not only excellent at what you do but you’re very nice people.”

At Stillman, Educator of the Year Carly Pagano and Educational Service Professional of the Year Caroline Ibraham Vidal were lauded for their respective roles in the school. Other honorees across the district included Leslie, Jose Gallardo, Pansy Lowe, Melissa Pignataro, Mrs. Potts, Mrs. Lisa Rossi, and Miss Gene Tack, all of whom have shown an unwavering dedication to the learning needs of all students.

Highlighting the accolades, Gary Whitehead was celebrated as the Bergen County Governor’s Educator of the Year and will represent the county in the state-level competition.

Yet, the atmosphere of celebration was punctuated by concerns from residents about school security. Eddie Sadri criticized the board for failing to implement Class 3 officers and an alleged movement of the School Resource Officer from all six schools to the high school, leaving the other schools without security. Similarly, Sharon Levite asked the board about potential security improvements at the middle school and elementary schools in Tenafly, calling for transparency and quick action.

The Communications and Policy Committee presented updates on state policies and laws on Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) as well as Tenafly district’s Student Conduct Policies, while the Facilities Committee discussed potential additions to various district schools.

The Board also discussed recent and upcoming school events, including the rescheduling of graduation to a venue providing more comfort and flexibility for attendees.

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