Tinton Falls Council Addresses Odor Issue, Environmental Concerns, and Police Jurisdiction

The Tinton Falls Borough Council meeting addressed several issues, with the establishment of an advisory committee to tackle odors from the Mammoth County reclamation center and the proposal for an Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) taking center stage. Discussions also included the introduction of an ordinance regarding police jurisdiction on private properties, updates on construction activities, and community events. The meeting brought to light the residents’ concerns, with the council taking steps towards legislative action and community engagement.

The council’s determination to resolve the persistent odor problem was evident through discussions about the formation of an advisory committee. The committee, comprising council members and residents from the affected area, aims to monitor Waste Management’s 90-day plan to address the odor issue. Mr. Starkey, the Director of Law, highlighted the creation of this committee as a step towards mitigating the nuisance. Councilman John A. Manginelli, supporting the initiative, stated, “We’re committed to getting rid of the stink.” The urgency of the situation was underscored by a resident, Andrew Thon, who voiced his concerns about the health impact of landfill gases on his family. Councilman Michael J.

Another topic of significance was the introduction of an ordinance to amend the borough code, which would update the list of private properties under police jurisdiction. Mr. Starkey provided clarity on the need for such an ordinance, emphasizing its role in delineating police authority. This ordinance is expected to enhance law enforcement efficiency and community safety, with the council scheduling a public discussion for a later date.

Ellen Goldberg, the newly appointed chairperson of the Environmental Commission, presented a case for creating an ERI for Tinton Falls. She outlined the ERI’s importance in informing land use planning and environmental decision-making. The ERI is expected to serve as a foundational document, providing comprehensive data on the town’s natural resources and aiding in infrastructure placement. Goldberg emphasized the ERI’s proactive benefits, including potential cost savings by foreseeing and avoiding future environmental challenges. She appealed to the council for support in obtaining grants to fund the ERI, highlighting the success of neighboring towns that have completed similar projects.

The council was receptive to the Environmental Commission’s proposal, as Councilwoman Tracy A. Buckley shared details about the application for a grant to fund the ERI. The commission sought matching funds of $22,000 to support this initiative, with members of the public, including Laura Smith, voicing their support. Former chairman of the Environmental Commission, Mitch Colberg, and Councilman Manginelli offered historical insights on the town’s environmental efforts, further reinforcing the significance of the ERI in the borough’s master plan.

In addition to these topics, the meeting provided updates on various community and administrative aspects. The Borough Engineer reported on construction activities at Sycamore softball fields. The Business Administrator praised the police department for their successful Operation Lunch Break and events raising autism awareness. He also mentioned the upcoming “Jump with a Cop” event and congratulated Captain Kyle Pearson on his retirement. The Director of Law and Dr. Lawrence A. Dobrin reported on the Tin FS Library Association Board of Trustees’ plans for the library building and upcoming events. Planning Board Class III Member, Mr. Nesci, updated on board approvals and educational opportunities offered by Mammoth County Parks, including a class on backyard chickens.

Mayor Vito Perillo discussed the Board of Education meeting and the annual community day. The council also addressed the commencement of a paid EMS division by the county, which is expected to work alongside volunteer squads. The EMS status was clarified with the confirmation that they were operating out of two locations, with negotiations for a third underway.

The council concluded the meeting with legislative actions, holding a public hearing on an ordinance setting salaries for department heads, statutory employees, the mayor, and council members. They also opened the floor for general public discussion, allowing residents to express their concerns on environmental and other matters. The council’s agenda moved forward with the approval of the consent agenda and the meeting’s adjournment at 8:22 PM.

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Vito Perillo
City Council Officials:
John A. Manginelli, Risa Clay, Michael J. Nesci (Planning Board Class III Member), Tracy A. Buckley, Dr. Lawrence A. Dobrin

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