Upper Saddle River Approves Over $2.3 Million in Bonds for Public Improvements and Road Works

In a recent meeting of the Borough of Upper Saddle River’s Mayor and Council, there was a unanimous approval of two bond ordinances, amounting to over $2.3 million, to finance a variety of public improvements. These improvements included the acquisition of new equipment and machinery, and the improvement of Carlough Road and Pleasant Avenue.

Alongside the bond ordinances, a series of resolutions were also passed. One of the highlights was Resolution #112-23, expressing support for Senate Bill S-3906, which would allow the borough to receive state funding. Other notable resolutions included those related to grant applications, road programs, and the appointment of new employees and committee members.

Additionally, Mayor Arman Fardanesh took time to read a proclamation for the Street Smart Campaign that is running from July 1 to December 31, 2023, reflecting the borough’s dedication to road safety awareness.

In a public comment segment, residents raised concerns and sought updates on several issues, including environmental impact concerns on Hillside Avenue and traffic-related matters. Mayor Fardanesh provided updates on recent meetings with Rockland County officials, addressing environmental issues and discussing the necessary improvements to the Rockland County Sewer District One.

The meeting also witnessed discussions regarding the reopening of the Hillside Avenue Bridge, with Mayor Fardanesh explaining that funding is being procured for its construction and repair. However, opinions from the public were mixed, with some residents expressing inconvenience due to the closure of the bridge and others raising concerns about traffic hazards.

Finally, the Firefighter of the Month award for June was presented to Erik Seay, a firefighter who recently returned from military service in Jordan.

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