Upper Saddle River Council Approves New Police Officers, Honors Service Members, and Initiates Clean Water Act Litigation

At a recent meeting of the Upper Saddle River Borough Council, two new police officers were sworn in, state and local service awards were presented, and steps were taken towards potential Clean Water Act litigation, among other significant developments.

On May 4, 2023, the Borough Council convened for its regular meeting, presided over by Borough Administrator Preusch. Among the meeting’s highlights, Officers David Bonagura and Matthew Lanza were sworn in, reinforcing the borough’s commitment to maintaining public safety.

Demonstrating the Council’s appreciation of dedicated service, Esther Chucaralao, Director of the New Jersey Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, presented the New Jersey Meritorious Service Medal for Service in the U.S. Military to Upper Saddle River Fire Department President Patrick Bertollo and Police Department Dispatcher Akira Yamaki. Mayor Arman Fardanesh further recognized the service of Bertollo and Robert Brigham by presenting them with Life Member Awards from the Upper Saddle River Fire Department.

Additionally, Mayor Fardanesh proclaimed two important upcoming events: Emergency Services Week, taking place from May 21-27, and Mental Health Month, kicking off on May 20, under the theme “Back to Basics.”

As part of the council’s ongoing commitment to the welfare and advancement of the community, it moved forward with the introduction of ordinance #06-23, aimed at regulating small unmanned aircraft, commonly known as drones. The ordinance signifies the Council’s intent to ensure privacy and safety amidst emerging technologies.

In financial affairs, the council voted to exceed the municipal budget cost of living allowance and establish a cap bank, providing a mechanism to help manage budget fluctuations. Further, the council approved the issuance of bonds to finance public improvements and information technology acquisitions totaling $1,200,000.

But perhaps the most impactful agenda item was Mayor Fardanesh’s statement about environmental concerns surrounding Hillside Avenue in Airmont, NY. Notably, the Council has retained Michael Burke, Esq., as Special Counsel to investigate and pursue potential Clean Water Act litigation. Alongside this, a Water Impact Committee has been formed to further investigate the matter. This aggressive action demonstrates the council’s commitment to environmental stewardship and the well-being of its residents

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