Waldwick Borough Council Addresses Community Concerns and Celebrates Local Initiatives

In the recent Waldwick Borough Council meeting presided over by Mayor Tom Giordano, public health concerns and community projects took center stage. The Council set September as a month to raise awareness on crucial issues, including childhood and ovarian cancer, hunger, and suicide prevention, highlighting the essential role of community participation in tackling these issues.

Mayor Giordano stressed the urgent need to address childhood cancer, noting it as the “number one cause of death by disease among children.” He urged enhanced awareness for ovarian cancer and emphasized the critical situation surrounding food insecurity in Bergen County, which has seen a 22% increase in the need for food assistance. September also marks the National Suicide Prevention and Action Month, focusing on mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Mrs. Kathleen E. Cericola prompted residents to partake in the upcoming Warrior Night Out event organized by the Waldwick Police Department. Theresa N. Sherman updated on the activities of the Waldwick Ambulance Corps, encouraging residents to support the corps through donations and participation in CPR courses.

Michael F. Ritchie Jr., from the Public Works Committee, appreciated the ongoing road improvements and urged residents to stay updated through online schedules for services such as hydrant flushing and bulk pickups. Discussions on infrastructure advanced with mentions of forthcoming constructions including the Brookview Park pedestrian bridge.

Meanwhile, residents expressed concerns over deteriorating conditions of several properties in the borough. The council vowed action, urging the community to report any issues promptly. Concerns over early morning truck movements near a sewer site, posing hazards and noise pollution, were raised. The council asked the residents to document such instances to facilitate action through proper channels.

Unresolved matters from previous sessions surfaced, including discussions around the fire department’s donation towards a new truck and the Lions Club lease associated with a gun range. The council communicated its willingness to enhance communications regarding the Lions Club, noting the need for a cooperative decision involving other towns sharing the ownership.

On the financial front, the council addressed questions surrounding a lawsuit involving water issues and deliberated on potential financial implications, expecting further clarity by the 20th of the month. Discussions further delved into bond allocations for water-related projects, acknowledging potential adjustments in the final figures earmarked.

In the sphere of community enhancement, the council applauded the efforts of the beautification committee and urged residents to join in the October community beautification initiatives. Noteworthy was the acknowledgment of “Carrie’s Garden,” a tribute to a valued community member named Carrie. The meeting also saw the announcement of the final summer concert series and the initiation of a Halloween costume drive by the library.

Towards the conclusion, a public hearing on the ordinance to lease the old DPW complex to Waldwick High School Graduation Ball Inc for the class of 2024’s use took place, confirming it as a regular annual arrangement. The council emphasized the adherence to rules and regulations for the utilization of the space.

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