Waldwick Borough Council Addresses Community Safety, Health Insurance Increases, and Civic Developments

In a recent meeting, the Waldwick Borough Council focused on community safety measures, an impending increase in health benefits premiums, and various civic initiatives. The board also expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Waldwick Volunteer Ambulance members and discussed potential infrastructure improvements such as sidewalks on Hopper Avenue.

The meeting opened with Mayor Tom Giordano commending the Waldwick Volunteer Ambulance members for their dedication to serving the community. This acknowledgment followed reports of two recent medical emergencies: an abnormal heart attack at the Valley Hospital, and a home birth, both of which required immediate medical attention. The board expressed its gratitude to the medical personnel involved in these critical situations.

The Financial Administrative Committee presented the projected increase in health benefits premiums, a matter of concern for local taxpayers. Additionally, the committee highlighted a budget increase for property casualty worker’s compensation insurance.

In terms of infrastructure, the board addressed pedestrian safety on Hopper Avenue. The proposal to add sidewalks was made to accommodate the increased foot traffic in the area, largely due to the nearby fields. The board thanked the borough administration for waiving the permit fees for this project.

The council also focused on safety, discussing plans to address concerns related to cars crossing the sidewalk. Additionally, they proposed renovations to the library bathrooms and an installation of an outdoor sculpture.

Mayor Giordano announced several upcoming community events, including a Friends of the Library trivia night, a high school football playoffs game, and a Thanksgiving food drive. He also mentioned practical municipal matters like a free rabies vaccination clinic and the ongoing leaf pickup.

Other topics covered included an ordinance to update handicap parking spots and a curb ramp installation project. The Building and Ground Committee discussed tree maintenance and the installation of charging stations, while the Public Safety Committee provided updates on their recruitment efforts and upcoming events.

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