Waldwick Borough Council Sparks Community Spirit: Unveils Upcoming Projects and Resolves Public Concerns

In the most recent Waldwick Borough Council meeting, community projects and local events took center stage, highlighting the Council’s active involvement in fostering a sense of community.

At the heart of the discussions were a series of community initiatives, including a project whimsically titled “Ego’s Bad Boys School.” The Council also discussed a new project to be financially supported by the municipality. The project generated considerable interest among the council members, particularly Council Member Collins, who exhibited an enthusiasm for the project’s aesthetics. This included questions about whether a planned bench would face the town hall or the park – it was clarified that the bench would face the park.

Other undertakings discussed were the Waldwick Summer Concert Series, storytime at the Waldwick pool, and the Waldwick Lions Club Family Days carnival.

Ordinances were also addressed, most notably including the awarding of a non-parent open professional service contract for community grants, planning, and housing, and bills supporting amendments to the local bond law. These measures indicate the Council’s attention towards improving local infrastructure and enhancing community services.

The council recognized several individuals for their contributions, signaling a commitment to celebrate the efforts of those involved in local governance. A notable achievement was the graduation of a Junior Police Academy recruit, Zavo, who received the “Christopher Gagell Outstanding Recruit in Sichio” award. The Council also acknowledged the success of the ambulance corps, which has recently conducted a CPR class, installed an AED device, and launched a fundraising campaign.

Public comments were warmly welcomed and attentively addressed. Concerns about construction noise, early morning work times, and requests for promptly updated meeting minutes were met with promises for prompt action.

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