Waldwick Council Tackles Residents’ Concerns and Celebrates Educators

In a recent meeting of the Waldwick Borough Council, community concerns and developments were addressed, with the spotlight on the acquisition of a sprint car for the Waldwick Volunteer Ambulance Corps (WALVAC) and residents’ concerns over neighborhood changes.

A significant point of discussion was the proposal for a sprint car for WALVAC. Councilman Theresa N. Sherman explained the potential benefits, stating, “the Sprint car would arrive first and start immediate care on the person. This would start the necessary medical work on a patient while the ambulance is on its way to the patient’s home.” The Mayor and administrators were considering allocating a used police car for this purpose, with plans for a sturdier vehicle in the future. The vehicle’s condition and limited use within Waldwick were discussed, emphasizing its temporary nature until a new one could be procured.

Residents Michelle and Doug Dillon raised several concerns about the changes in their neighborhood, particularly focusing on the lack of privacy, the installation of additional poles, and the placement of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The Dillons expressed dissatisfaction with the work done on their street, mentioning that they were not notified about it. They highlighted that their street, which used to be private and quiet, had lost its tranquility and privacy due to the removal of trees and the addition of new poles and transformers. In response, a council member acknowledged the issues with communication and apologized on behalf of the borough. The council assured the Dillons that they would address the maintenance issues and that the trees, despite showing signs of browning, were still healthy.

Mayor Giordano opened the meeting by emphasizing community support for local organizations and scouts through fundraisers, encouraging generosity and announcing borough staff’s commitment to cancer awareness by wearing pink in October. He also highlighted updates to the building’s decor and urged council members to participate by wearing special shirts for the October meetings.

Councilwoman Michele S. Weber, from the Recreation and Health Committee, expressed gratitude for a successful pool season and informed members about an upcoming survey. She also announced the end of the 2023 summer concert series and looked forward to more music in 2024. Mrs. Weber mentioned a free rabies clinic scheduled for November 2nd at Borough Park and Pavilion B and highlighted an event providing flu shots for resident seniors.

Mr. Paul V. Schatz of the Building Grounds Committee reported on environmental initiatives, including a styrofoam collection on October 14th in collaboration with Allendale and discussions about composting classes for residents. He updated the council on the progress of charging stations in the parking lot and the closing of a loan for treatment systems. Mr. Schatz detailed the schedule for working on various treatment systems and mentioned plans for updating the community through the website.

The Borough Attorney updated the council on the settlement with Dupont and 3M for the PFAS litigation, explaining the uncertainty surrounding the distribution of funds among entities that have submitted claims. The council was working on submitting information on costs and hoped to recover some money in the near future.

The council discussed the Waldwick Community Alliance Rag-A-Muffin Parade and the borough trunk or tree event scheduled for October 28th. A suggestion was made to have a Mayor and council booth or car for handing out candy, and the possibility of the borough purchasing candy to alleviate the burden on residents was discussed. The council agreed to take care of the candy purchasing and distribution.

Grant Administrator Matthew announced the start of the application period for the annual community development block grant, which would run through December 15th. He mentioned that road improvements had been the focus of the grant in the past few years. The Mayor and other officials were to meet with the town engineer and county representatives to explore eligibility and potential uses for the grant.

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