Waldwick School Board Approves $40.6 Million Budget with Focus on Infrastructure and Special Education

The Waldwick School Board, during its recent budget hearing, finalized the 2023-2024 school budget of $40.6 million, incorporating significant allotments for infrastructure enhancements and special education. The public meeting was presided over by Board President Daniel Marro and was attended by board members and the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Paul Casarico.

The new budget, presented by Dr. Casarico and Mr. John Griffin, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary, has increased allocations toward replacing the HS/MS Turf Field and the Hopper Turf Field, underlining the board’s emphasis on improved school infrastructure.

Furthermore, the budget includes provisions for a $50,000 deposit to the Capital Reserve Account as the sixth yearly deposit for partial funding for the eventual replacement of the HS/MS Turf Field and a $60,000 deposit to the Capital Reserve Account as the first yearly deposit for partial funding for the eventual replacement of the Hopper Turf Field. This strategic investment into the school’s physical facilities reveals an ongoing commitment to enhancing the learning environment for the students.

Simultaneously, the budget acknowledges the necessity of support for special needs students. The Waldwick Board of Education resolved to accept $2,425,057 in State Aid, which incorporates an estimated Extraordinary Special Education Aid of $251,938 for the 2023-2024 budget.

Other key aspects of the new budget include expenditure limits for various operational aspects of the school district. The board has established a maximum expenditure amount of $90,000 for travel and expense reimbursement, $35,000 for public relations, and $125,000 for legal services, amongst other allotments.

During the public hearing, two community members raised questions about the budget, evidencing an engaged local populace taking an active interest in school district affairs.

In other noteworthy developments, the board honored the 2022-2023 Teachers of the Year and discussed the ongoing AP testing in the high school. They also touched upon events aimed at reducing student stress, like the availability of an ice cream truck and therapy dogs.

Finally, the board entertained a request from members of the Lions Club for the usage of school property for a carnival, supported by several residents in attendance. The outcome of this request remains to be seen.

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