Westwood Borough Council Approves Eagle Scout Project and Adopts Ordinances

The Westwood Borough Council convened on September 5, 2023, for a regular meeting at 101 Washington Avenue, Westwood, New Jersey. The meeting, called to order by Mayor Raymond Arroyo, saw the presence of council members Robert Bicocchi, Erin Collins, Anthony Greco, Cheryl Hodges, and Christopher Montana, with Beth Dell absent.

A notable point of discussion was the Eagle Scout Project presented by Daniel & Michael Atkins. The project received support from Dr. Boswell, a Borough Engineer, and the revised plan, which aligns with DEP regulations, was unanimously approved by the Mayor and Council. The initiative is set to begin in September, starting with the development of a picnic grove.

The council also introduced and adopted a series of ordinances. Among them was Ordinance #23-30, which outlines the schedule of salaries, wages, and compensation for the borough’s public officials, officers, and employees for 2023. Other adopted ordinances included amendments to chapters on Stormwater Control (#23-27) and Flood Damage Prevention (#23-28), and the provision for an air conditioner for the Westwood Ambulance Corp Vehicle Bay (#23-29), with an appropriation of $6,500 from the General Capital Fund Surplus.

Draft schedules for the 2024 Mayor and Council Meetings and the 2024 Holiday schedule were presented and received favorably by the council members, with no comments or objections raised.

Several resolutions were also passed during the meeting. These included financial resolutions such as the establishment of preliminary costs for the 2024 Road Paving Project and the authorization of repair and paving of the Borough Hall Municipal Lot. The council also supported the Bergen County Fire Mutual Aid Plan in Westwood and authorized the auction of surplus property no longer needed for public use.

The meeting concluded with the council approving various bills, financial reports, and additional resolutions, and adjourned at 8:29 pm.

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