Westwood Borough Council Considers Solar Power Integration

In a recent meeting on July 18, 2023, the Westwood Borough Council, steered by Mayor Raymond Arroyo, engaged in a comprehensive discussion on the benefits of solar power and moved forward with several new ordinances.

Jaime Cox, CEO of NVP, was introduced by Councilmember Robert Bicocchi to shed light on the potential advantages of solar energy integration for the Borough. Cox emphasized current incentives, post-installation discounts, and environmental benefits.

This presentation sparked Mayor Arroyo’s intention to form a committee, drawing from council members and the Borough Administrator, to study the viability and advantages of solar adoption in Westwood. Mayor Arroyo also mentioned the Stevens Study, a research initiative primed for funding in the State’s 2024 Budget, with Westwood designated as the lead agency.

In other developments, Councilmember Beth Dell addressed a delay in tax bills due to county hold-ups and indicated that staff evaluations were ongoing. Meanwhile, the impending Westwood Fest and a nod from Congressman Gottheimer to local residents as Hometown Heroes marked the cultural side of updates.

Councilmember Cheryl Hodges remarked on a recent Board of Health resignation, while the prospect of a Health and Wellness Fair for the coming year was brought to the fore. Hodges also took a moment to commend the new borough website and the introduction of electric vehicle chargers.

In the realm of public safety, Councilmember Erin Collins underscored the Police Department’s community outreach, with a special commendation to Officer Mann for a significant drug seizure.

The council moved to introduce four significant ordinances concerning the installation of electric charging stations, the rehabilitation of Berkeley Field, regulations for Small Wireless Facilities, and a generator for the Fire Department Ladder Truck. Each of these proposals received unanimous support for introduction.

The session wrapped up with the unanimous approval of a series of resolutions, some of which involved the Jake Voorhis Basketball Court project, and the sanction to auction off surplus property. The council also approved the alcoholic beverage license transfer for The Iron Horse.

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