Westwood Council Approves Special Consultant Hiring

In a special meeting held on August 21, 2023, the Westwood Borough Council, led by Mayor Raymond Arroyo, covered a brief agenda focusing mainly on the approval of a special consultant hiring exempt from public bidding, under resolution #23-247.

The meeting took place at 101 Washington Avenue, Westwood, New Jersey, with council members Erin Collins, Beth Dell, Cheryl Hodges in person, Anthony Greco and Christopher Montana attending via Zoom, and Robert Bicocchi absent. Given the absence of Borough Clerk Hughes due to a family funeral and Deputy Clerk Vadovic owing to illness, Borough Attorney Kool acted as the Clerk for the meeting.

The main order of business was the council’s unanimous approval of resolution #23-247 to award a contract to a special consultant, exempt from the standard public bidding process. Every council member present voted in favor of this resolution.

Before this decision, the council moved into an executive closed session to discuss property management issues, involving real property and attorney-client privilege specifics, facilitated under resolution #23-246. The discussion in this session remained confidential, and the public session resumed at 7:15 PM.

Despite opening the floor to the public forum part of the agenda, no attendees came forward with comments or questions. Following this, the council rapidly moved to adjourn the meeting, concluding the session at 7:16 PM.

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