Wood Ridge Council Advances Redevelopment Plan, Approves Key Budgetary Allocations

In a recent meeting of the Wood Ridge Borough Council, significant strides were made towards the town’s redevelopment and infrastructure improvement. Council President Azzolini presided over the meeting, which saw unanimous approval for ordinances aimed at ameliorating community facilities and enhancing road safety.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the introduction of Ordinance 2023-6, which proposed modifications to the 2019 Wesmont Station Redevelopment Plan. The proposal was designed to address the community, educational, and recreational impacts of the redevelopment. The council’s endorsement of this ordinance sets the stage for the establishment of the Highland Avenue Learning Annex and Recreational Center as a Redevelopment Agency.

In another unanimous vote, the council approved Ordinance 2023-7, establishing a 3-way stop intersection at the corner of North Avenue and 11th Street to enhance traffic safety in the area.

The council also examined a variety of committee reports, spanning the domains of Public Works, Police, and Recreation, among others. The Department of Public Works reported a successful street sweeper schedule, while the police department has initiated active shooter training for officers. In a heartwarming community development, a local Girl Scout is organizing a special needs baseball day, indicative of the town’s inclusive spirit.

The budget review constituted a major portion of the meeting, with funds allocated across multiple projects and departments. Of the budget codes scrutinized, significant allocations were directed towards the Building Grounds, Roads, and the Highland Annex. Notable budget allocations include $75,000 towards road maintenance and development, a $29,100 allocation for Valley Drive, and a $37,657.75 allocation to engineering associates.

The 2022 Building Grounds budget saw allocation for varied projects including a $16,500 sidewalk program, $10,500.50 for project RIDADM23.001, and $23,695 for Triangle Park beautification from Sunrise Landscaping. The Highland Annex budget, under the purview of Carrubbian Architects, received a substantial allocation of $250,598.70.

Additional allocations included $31,118.76 for AVT Technology, $5,195 for Copterank, and $7,999.03 for Triangle Park from Capitol Electrical Contractors.

The extensive budget discussions mirrored the Borough Council’s commitment to the town’s infrastructural development and service enhancements. The meeting also featured reviews of invoices totaling approximately $2,268,442.57, covering a wide range of municipal needs. These ranged from technology and services such as accountability boards and various equipment, to police security expenses, building ground maintenance, and more.

Vendor payments also formed part of the financial updates, with firms like TSE Technology, Rizouns Ines 15043, and Confidential Shredding providing diverse services. Departmental budget reviews highlighted major allocations for the Police, Streets & Road Maintenance, and Revenue Administration, among others.

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