Wyckoff Council Resists State Bill

In a recent Wyckoff Town Council meeting that proved a vibrant mix of nostalgia, resistance, and proactive decision-making, the council vehemently opposed General Assembly Bill 4276, pledged to bolster school safety, and celebrated the town’s first woman mayor, Nancy Drabeck.

Bill 4276, potentially imposing severe restrictions on local authorities regarding 5G telecommunication facilities deployment, sparked the most heat. Business Administrator Matt Cavallo defended the council’s opposition, asserting that the legislation could override local zoning rights, replacing them with state law. “We want to make sure that that bill does not grow legs and walk,” Cavallo stated emphatically.

School safety took center stage with Resolutions 217 and 219, focused on deploying Class 3 Special Law Enforcement Officers in Wyckoff Township Public Schools from September onwards. “We certainly welcome… the need for enhancing security at all our schools,” a council member remarked.

A unanimous nod was given to the re-examination amendment to the town’s master plan, resulting from meticulous work. This heralds an overhaul of essential areas requiring attention, serving as a testament to the council’s commitment to address evolving local needs.

The council acknowledged the necessity for an upgrade to firefighting equipment, supporting Senate Bill 3807 and A5567 that amend the Local Bond Law. An ordinance for a $2.4 million bond was introduced to acquire a new fire ladder truck, with an anticipated delivery window of three years.

On the local development front, J.A. Alexander bagged the $1.1 million contract for the 2023 Road Improvement Program, set for an August-end completion. Also, the council green-lighted a request from Christian Health for funds from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to renovate affordable senior living houses on their campus. A stormwater grant application for $25,000 was also filed to fortify local stormwater infrastructure.

In a heartfelt segment of the meeting, the council honored Nancy Drabeck, Wyckoff’s first woman mayor, praising her dedication to the town and commending her service, particularly in championing environmental causes. While acknowledging her departure to Florida, the council members were unanimous in their appreciation: “This Proclamation says it all. Nancy’s a great person.”

Other initiatives, including an innovative proposal by the Environmental Commission to host a fashion show emphasizing clothing reuse, and a trial program to close Town Hall and Wyckoff DPW early on Fridays during summer, were among the points of discussion.

The council also recognized Lauren McCarron, a Junior Environmental Commission contributor, who won the Lewis Bay Future Municipal Leader Scholarship with her essay on fostering civic engagement.

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