Wyckoff Town Council Addresses Hazardous Waste Collection and Air Quality Concerns

The Wyckoff Town Council recently addressed community concerns including air quality and the collection of hazardous waste, at a meeting that also touched on an array of issues such as budget transfers, opioid settlement funds, and cybersecurity grants.

The most pressing topic of the meeting emerged from a public comment period, where a resident voiced concerns over the air quality in the town, particularly in relation to gas-powered leaf blowers and idling cars near schools. To address these concerns, the resident proposed a shift to electric leaf blowers and the establishment of a local hazardous waste drop-off point. The council recognized these concerns, referring to existing anti-idling ordinances and periodic hazardous waste collection events taking place within the county.

This initial concern opened the pathway for a broader discussion about the collection of hazardous waste. The complexity, cost of disposal, and the potential dangers of mixing different types of hazardous materials were all addressed during the meeting. A speaker expressed gratitude to the council for considering this environmental issue and expressed a personal commitment to contribute to a healthier planet.

Following the hazardous waste discussion, another resident echoed the previous speaker’s concerns, sharing a personal experience of advocacy against a hospital development to protect air quality in Ridgewood. The resident highlighted the impact of idling cars on air quality and the health of residents, particularly children. The speaker also stressed the challenges faced by mothers picking up their children and landscapers using equipment that contributes to air pollution.

Apart from environmental concerns, the council also addressed the issue of accessibility of vital contact information for town services. A community member raised concerns about the absence of telephone numbers in the new calendar, a problem that disproportionately affects older residents who are reliant on landlines.

The business agenda of the meeting also brought forth several resolutions, including the transfer of opioid settlement funds to the Bergen County opioid program and an application for the Bergen County Community Development Block Grant. The council also discussed ordinances for salary adjustments, vehicle restrictions, and a lease agreement for wireless communication antennas.

Updates on various events and initiatives were shared by council members, which included leaf collections, holiday celebrations and grants. The council also celebrated the accomplishments of the Ramapo football team and extended holiday wishes to the community. The Township attorney made mention of the retirement of Municipal Court Judge Russell Tesha and reflected on his positive impact on the community.

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Thomas J. Madigan
City Council Officials:
Rudolf E. Boonstra, Timothy E. Shanley, Peter Melchionne, Scott A. Fisher

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