Wyckoff Town Council Addresses Pedestrian Safety, Zoning Code Revisions, and Community Improvements

In a recent session of the Wyckoff Town Council, an array of pressing community matters were discussed, with pedestrian safety, the need for updates in the zoning code, and ongoing community improvement projects taking center stage.

The meeting opened with an invocation by Father Steven Victor from St. Elizabeth’s Church, who thanked the council for their support for special law enforcement officers protecting the students at St. Elizabeth’s School. As the meeting progressed, the council addressed routine matters such as budget transfers, contract changes, and road programs. However, the most significant issues tackled were related to the safety of the community and the structural development of the township.

A resident named Fred Lit voiced the need for a safe pedestrian path across Wyckoff Avenue for the senior community residing at Spring Meadow Condominiums. Lit painted a picture of the challenges faced by the elderly residents due to the dangerous nature of crossing Wyckoff Avenue and the lack of sidewalks and crosswalks in the area. In response, Councilmember Scott Fisher, a former director of Public Works, assured Lit that a subcommittee was exploring potential solutions, including the installation of a sidewalk along the pond and a crossing to St. Elizabeth’s side sidewalk.

Mayor Thomas J. Madigan also expressed concern about the design of an intersection, reinforcing the council’s commitment to public safety and the improvement of the intersection’s design. Acknowledging the importance of pedestrian safety and the concerns of seniors with mobility issues, Councilman Timothy E. Shanley suggested collaboration with the Christian Healthcare Center to find a potential solution.

The zoning code was another significant topic of discussion, particularly the need for its revision to accommodate affordable housing and residential development. Noting that the zoning code had not been updated for a long time, an ordinance was proposed to address the gaps related to affordable housing settlements.

The council also deliberated on a lease agreement with Dishwash Wireless for the installation of wireless communication facilities at Memorial Field Sports lighting Tower. Further, they discussed a grant of $248,000 for the reconstruction of Grand View Avenue Phase 2, along with the appropriation of funds for this project.

Updates were provided on various ongoing projects, including leaf collection and white goods collection. The council commended the Wyckoff Fire Department for their exceptional service and expressed condolences to the family affected by a recent fire.

In terms of election-related matters, Councilmembers Peter Melchionne and Scott A. Fisher congratulated each other on their successful campaigns and expressed gratitude to the residents for their support. The council members pledged to continue serving the community to the best of their abilities, expressing unity and cooperation in their efforts.

Other topics discussed included the upcoming 50-year lease between the YMCA and the community, concerns about the YMCA being overpriced for the community, and the need for patience during the leaf collection process. The council also acknowledged the efforts of Nick Champo and discussed plans to honor him during a future meeting.

The town attorney, Mr. Becker, provided updates on a letter from a winery seeking to qualify under a different subsection for licensing and a draft agreement with Franklin Lakes regarding connections to Wyckoff’s sewer system.

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Thomas J. Madigan
City Council Members:
Rudolf E. Boonstra, Timothy E. Shanley, Peter Melchionne, Scott A. Fisher

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