Wyckoff’s Bus Service Concerns Take Center Stage at Council Meeting

In a recent Wyckoff Town Council meeting, concerns over the town’s deteriorating bus service provided by Coach USA were spotlighted. Residents voiced frustration over unpredictable buses, with instances of missed stops and over-capacity issues, prompting the council to address the situation and evaluate possible solutions.

Residents, including Ilia Riskin, highlighted the unreliability of the buses, detailing episodes where buses failed to show entirely. This erratic behavior of the bus service, essential to the town’s transportation system, is seen as a potential detriment to local property values. The council’s administrator cited past experiences of unresponsiveness from Coach USA regarding non-state subsidized transit line concerns, stating, “I can tell you that from experience in my previous town, Coach USA and dcamp have been completely unresponsive.” The council emphasized the pressing need for Coach USA to improve its service and suggested updates to their existing app to allow passengers to track buses or to send alerts regarding any disruptions.

Shifting gears to infrastructure concerns, Janet Tumi drew attention to the advisory warning sign on Woff Avenue, emphasizing the importance of heeding the 20 mph speed recommendation, especially during poor weather conditions. Additionally, discussions concerning tree and plant maintenance highlighted the jurisdiction of the Shade Tree Commission over plantings on public property.

The council also touched on various town projects, including the Grand View reconstruction project and water main replacement on Woodland Avenue. Despite rain impeding progress on certain projects, updates showed a promising path forward, especially with the anticipated award for the Grand View project. Also, the town’s code enforcement officer began dispatching violation notices concerning decaying fences backing up to Route 208. This initiated conversations about the potential installation of gates along Route 208’s chain-link fence.

Rounding out the meeting’s discussion points was a notice from a wine store seeking to open a new sales room at Willow and whisk in the Boulder Run Shopping Center. The application prompted a deep dive into legislation governing wine sales and consumption in New Jersey. While the council sought more clarity on these regulations, no objections were raised against the winery’s application.

Lastly, community and event updates, such as the Halloween open house at Zabrisky house and a significant football game comeback victory for Ramapo, added a touch of local color and spirit to the meeting.

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