Zoning Board Approves Key Variances and Extensions, Advances Local Development Projects

The Zoning Board recently approved several applications including a retroactive extension for Ray WAP Realty, Inc. , conditional authorization for neon signage at a new Lighthouse franchise, and the construction of a detached garage on South Street. These approvals, accompanied by detailed conditions and consideration of public input, demonstrate the board’s focus on advancing local development while maintaining regulatory compliance and addressing community concerns.

At the forefront of the meeting, the board granted a retroactive time frame extension to Ray WAP Realty, Inc. for a previously approved application. The extension, now set to July 1st, 2024, was discussed at length, considering the immediate need for construction to commence and the evidence of good faith progress shown by the project. This extension was particularly noteworthy due to changes in partnership and ongoing compliance issues associated with the project.

Another point of interest was the board’s handling of a new business application that required a variance for neon signage—a key aspect of the Lighthouse franchise’s branding. The owner of the property, Kevin Valerio, along with the architect, presented the case, explaining the adjustments made to comply with sign elevation requirements and the necessity of the neon lighting for the franchise’s identity. The board scrutinized the operational details of the neon lighting, ensuring it would not flash, change colors, or operate outside business hours. After a review and despite concerns from the public, the board approved the application with specific conditions aimed at minimizing the impact on the local community. These conditions included limiting the operation of the lights during the off-season and prohibiting flashing or blinking signs.

The meeting also covered the approval of a resolution allowing the construction of a detached garage on South Street. This item saw the board discuss conditions such as prohibiting commercial use, rental, and leasing of the garage, along with the implementation of a signed deed restriction and a ban on providing utility services. The board discussed ensuring that new constructions adhere to local zoning laws and community standards by removing superfluous conditions and streamlining the approval process.

Additionally, minor administrative changes to the approved plans for a property on Mama Street were authorized by the board. The changes pertained to modifications in the exterior facade building color, with the board requiring proper documentation and record-keeping. This decision underlines the board’s attention to the aesthetic aspects of local development and the importance of maintaining a cohesive visual environment.

With every application and request, the board balanced the interests of developers, regulatory standards, and the community’s input to ensure that progress does not come at the expense of local values and regulations.

The board members present at the meeting, including Paul Cagno, Anne Torre, Raymond Mass, Eileen Hogan, Ben Yuro, Sharon Lee, Vincent Light, Anna Cruz, Amanda Doremus, Gene Horowitz, Chris Havens, and Mayor William Portman, along with the professional planner and director of Community Development, Kevin Kennedy, Esq. (Attorney), and Edward Herrman (Engineer), demonstrated diligence in reviewing the details of each application. Their decisions were based on the merits of the proposals, each aiming to address the various concerns raised during deliberation.

Note: This meeting summary was generated by AI, which can occasionally misspell names, misattribute actions, and state inaccuracies. This summary is intended to be a starting point and you should review the meeting record linked above before acting on anything you read. If we got something wrong, let us know. We’re working every day to improve our process in pursuit of universal local government transparency.

William Portman
Zoning Board Officials:
Paul Cagno, Anne Torre, Raymond Mass, Eileen Hogan, Ben Yuro, Sharon Lee, Vincent Light, Anna Cruz, Amanda Doremus, Gene Horowitz, Chris Havens, Kevin Kennedy, Esq. (Attorney), Edward Herrman (Engineer)

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