Zoning Board Moves Residential Projects Forward Amid Local Concerns

The Fort Lee Board of Adjustment’s recent May 9, 2023 meeting saw a flurry of activity on several key residential development proposals, further evidencing a housing boom in the borough. But not all residents are convinced the growth will benefit the community, with concerns expressed over traffic congestion and infrastructure strain.

In one of the most contested hearings, 2130 Center Avenue, LLC sought a preliminary and final major site plan for a six-story, 24-unit residential building over parking. With on-going negotiations with the Parking Authority and concerns about the safety of proposed right in-right out driveways, the Chairman of the board, D. Sugarman, deemed the application incomplete, postponing the decision until June 27, 2023. Some locals fear the proposal could exacerbate traffic on Bridge Plaza North, leading to safety risks and damaging the area’s character.

Amid public concerns, another major project was moved forward by the zoning board. W&R Home Builders, LLC and Martha Tsarpalas each received unanimous approval for their plans to build two-unit dwellings at 2049 Ellery Avenue and 1607 Anderson Avenue, respectively. Hearings are set to be scheduled soon, opening a new chapter of growth for the borough’s housing market.

In contrast, smaller residential projects sailed through the meeting without much controversy. Brian Swatek & Alyssa Brignola’s plans for an addition to their single-family dwelling on 1164 Fifteenth Street received unanimous approval, highlighting the board’s willingness to support homeowner-driven improvements in the borough.

The commercial side was not left out as the board also approved signage applications for Golflex Fort Lee, Inc., on 1642 Schlosser Street and The Gyro Project on 2151 Lemoine Avenue, showing support for local business growth.

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