$5 Million Grant Approved for Lyndhurst’s Aging Water Infrastructure

The recent Lyndhurst Town Council meeting unveiled a significant advancement for the township’s water system. Senator Solow Emmen announced the approval of a $5 million grant to address outdated and potentially hazardous infrastructures, particularly focusing on lead contamination. This grant, free of conditions, is targeted to enhance the quality of life for residents by removing lead from the water system and increasing home values.

Senator Emmen took the stage to explain the pressing need to modernize water systems, many of which have been in use for over 67 years, with some surpassing a century. Lead contamination remains a considerable concern for these aging systems. Emmen stated, “You can put out a law then say to all the water systems in the out lead that have been around some been around 67 years.” The grant aims to replace lead piping from the primary water systems to individual households.

An official responded with appreciation on behalf of the mayor and board of commissioners, labeling the grant as a “great donation” and a positive beginning to address the township’s water issues.

The meeting also addressed concerns related to properties under New Jersey transit, with plans for an inspection being coordinated with someone named Captain Greg. When asked about the potential use of funds for replacing the main water pipeline, Senator Emmen clarified that the grant is primarily intended for lead-related repairs, saying, “The nice thing about this grant, it’s coming through treasury. So it’s earmarked for lits.”

In other matters, the council approved several ordinances concerning traffic regulations, the acquisition and installation of new water meters, and annual salaries for the Lyndhurst Police Department. The council set public hearings for these new ordinances on October 10th at 6:00 PM.

Additionally, the council covered resolutions, one of which authorizes installation and repayment agreements with PSE&G as part of their Direct Install Energy Saver program, and another awarding Advanced Mechanical Corp an additional sum for HVAC equipment installation at the Lyndhurst pool.

Public inquiries included concerns about potential housing developments on the Lincoln School property and updates on various property matters around the township. The council confirmed some plans, including an extended stay hotel development at the Copper Ridge property.

The meeting culminated with public comments and was adjourned at 7:32 PM.

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